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Wiggins Library Student Workers Guide: Know Your Library

Welcome to the electronic version of the library student worker handbook. This is meant to be a quick reference for any questions you might have about working here at the library or that might crop up while you're on the job.


Welcome to the Wiggins Memorial Library team. We hope your position as a Student Worker will be an important part of your college experience. You are with us to help cultivate a comfortable climate conducive to learning, and to help us carry out the vision and mission of WML. You will be working alongside librarians and library staff to provide information, research materials, and essential library services to students, faculty, and the community.


Mission Statement

The mission of Wiggins Memorial Library is to facilitate access to information resources that support learning, teaching, and research; to provide training for effective and ethical use of these resources; and to support the Campbell community through a state-of-the-art academic environment.

Library Hours

For the current library hours - View Online.

Book Locations Map

Click image to enlarge.

Off-Campus Access to Online Databases

Online databases are restricted to the Campbell University community.  To access these resources from off-campus, please provide your Campbell Blackboard username and password.

Photocopies and Printing

Xerox Locations:

Information Commons (2)
Periodicals Reading Room (1)
Wiggins 2nd Floor (1)
CMMC Outside of Comp. Lab (1)


Printing Costs:

$0.05 per side black and white
$0.15 per side color

Library Staff

Meet the Staff Members

The library has many staff members.  Some you may interact with on a regular basis and some you may not see often.  It is important to know who everybody is, in case you get asked any questions. 


Student Pay Dates 2022-2023


2023-2024 Academic Year

 WORK DATES                                                       PAY DATE

08/23/23-09/15/23                                                  Fri 09/29/23

09/16/23 - 10/15/23                                                     Tues 10/31/23

10/16/23 - 11/15/23                                                     Thur 11/30/23

11/16/23 – 11/30/23                                                     Thur 12/14/23

12/1/23 - 01/15/24                                                       Wed 01/31/24

01/16/24 - 02/15/24                                                     Thur 02/29/24

02/16/24 - 03/15/24                                                     Fri 03/29/24

03/16/24 - 04/15/24                                                     Fri 04/30/24

04/16/24 - 5/3/24                                                        Fri 05/31/24

05/16/24 - 06/15/24                                                     Fri 06/28/24

06/16/24 - 07/15/24                                                     Wed 07/31/24

07/16/24 - 8/15/24                                                        Fri 08/30/24




Students are paid via direct deposit, once a month.

Upcoming Library Events

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Library Handbook and Student Worker Manual

Important Phone Numbers

Library Services Desk
On-campus:   x2462 
Off-campus:   910-893-1462

Research Assistance/Reference
On-campus:   x1467
Off-campus:   910-893-1467

Curriculum Materials and Media Center/CMMC
On-campus:   x1595
Off-campus:   910-893-1595

CUSOM Library
On-campus:   x7700
Off-campus:   910-814-7700

Campus Safety:
On-Campus:   x1375
Off-Campus:   910-893-1550


Scanning and Fax Machines

While we have a large flatbed scanner at the library, the Xerox machines are usually the easiest way to scan documents. Swipe your ID card at the printer, tap "E-mail," add your e-mail address by tapping "Add Me" on the screen, and then copy documents just as you would to make print copies. The Xerox machine will e-mail these documents as a PDF. (There is no charge for scanning items.)

The flatbed scanner is located on the first floor of the library, near the windows and Xeroxes on the back wall (when facing in from the entry doors). You will scan the document(s) onto a flash drive (available to borrow at the Library Services Desk) and then print from that at the Xerox.

*Note: the scanner is available on a first come first served basis.

FAX MACHINE is available upon request.

It is free to fax.

Students are not permitted to receive faxes on this machine, only to send faxes.