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Wiggins Library Student Workers Guide: CMMC

Welcome to the electronic version of the library student worker handbook. This is meant to be a quick reference for any questions you might have about working here at the library or that might crop up while you're on the job.

Opening Procedures

CMMC Opening Procedures:


1. Take down the "Check out downstairs" sign.

2. Open the doors to all of the rooms and turn on the lights.

3. Turn on the lights in the computer lab.

4. Tidy up the Idea Lab if needed.

5.  Check each study room for misplaced books, DVDs, CDs, or manipulatives.  Then shelve the items you find correctly.

6. Check the stacks for books that are just laying around andy shelve them correctly.

7. Log on to the computer and WorkFlows.

8. Begin any projects your supervisor has left for you.


Closing Procedures

CMMC Closing Procedures
1. Computer Lab:

Shut down all computers, except on Tuesdays.

Turn off the light and close the door.

2. Study Rooms (including the Media Room and Media Viewing Room):

Push all chairs under the table.

Return manipulative(s) back to their place on the shelf.

Dispose of all trash.

Place any books lying around on the cart to shelve the next day.

Turn off the light and close the door.

3. Idea Lab:

Shut down the computers.

Make sure the laminator is unplugged and covered.

Straighten-up construction paper and return materials back to their proper places.

Pick up any paper that is on the floor or tables and dispose of all trash.

Turn off the light and close the door.

4. Research Assistance Desk

Shut down the computer

Place the "Please check out downstairs," sign on the counter.

5. Turn off the lights in the restrooms (knock first and check for patrons).

6. Lock the white CMMC double doors and exit the back stairwell.

Manipulatives Available for Check Out

Manipulatives are organized according to subject.

Technology Items Available for Check Out

Titles and Apps Available on the Nooks

Media and Media Room

Media Room Resources and Procedures


Books with the prefix JUV and movies with a MEDIA call number belong in the CMMC.  The media collection is organized by subject first, then in numerical order.  The media collection includes DVDs, CD-ROMs, audio books, CDs, and media sets. 

There is also a media viewing room available for students and staff to view items.

Find It!

Shift Replacements

Great customer service means ALWAYS having a friendly face at our front desks to greet patrons. That's why it's critical for you to find a replacement in advance for a shift you will need to miss. Please follow your department's guidelines to achieve this:


In Circulation

  • Post your open shift in the department's BlackBoard "Shift Replacements" discussion thread. Once you post the shift, you are no longer responsible for filling it.

In Research Assistance

  • Post the shift to the department's Blackboard thread and monitor the thread to see if it gets picked up. If no one picks it up 24-hour prior to the shift, notify your supervisor.

In the CMMC

  • Email Ms. Darden ( or the Graduate Assistant with whom you work, as far in advance as possible, to let them know you will have to miss a shift.


Regardless of department, your shift is your responsibility, so please act accordingly. Failure to arrange coverage or let a supervisor know that you are not coming in will result in a warning and possibly dismissal.

If you sign up for a co-worker's shift, it becomes your responsibility.  If something comes up and you can no longer work the shift you signed up for, you must find a replacement.

If you are suddenly ill or have an emergency and cannot come in for your shift, please call a supervisor immediately so we can try to arrange coverage. 

Login/Password Information

The computer login/password information and the WorkFlows login/password information will always be available in your student manual notebook.

Poster Printing


  1. When designing your poster, please use a white background. Color backgrounds are beautiful but they will drain the ink supply AND create an undesirable ripple effect in the paper as too much ink is laid down on the paper.
  2. Submit your poster request via the following link:
  3. Save your document in PDF format on a USB flash drive to bring to the CMMC or email to
  4. Library staff will not provide design assistance or proofreading. Please make sure your document is ready to print before you arrive.
  5. You will receive an email when your poster is ready.  You must pay in cash; the CMMC does not accept Creek or Campbell Bucks.


  • Poster on plain paper without lamination: $3.00
  • Poster on plain paper with lamination: $5.00          
  • Poster on high-gloss photo paper and research posters: $10.00
  • Poster on high-gloss paper and laminated: $13.00
  • Poster tube for storage: $2.00

3D Printing

How to Read a Call Number

LC Classification for Education

    Juvenile non-fiction titles are located in classes within the topic of their regular subject heading class from A (general works) to Z (bibliography). Below is a quick guide resource for popular subject headings for children’s literature which will lead to educated browsing of the CMMC collection.



    Subject Heading



    Language and Literature



    English Language


    PE 1155

    PE 1628

    Alphabet Books

    Juvenile Dictionaries



    Liteature (General)



    PN 6371

    PN 6727-6790



    Comic books/Graphic novels



    English Literature



    American Literature



    Fiction and Juvenile


    PZ 5



    PZ 6

    Early to 1860/1870


    PZ 7

    General Juvenile Fiction Alphabetical by author last name



    PZ 7.7

    More graphic novels


    PZ 8

    Fairy tales


    PZ 8.1

    Folklore, Legends, Romance


    PZ 8.2



    PZ 8.3

    Stories in Rhyme


    PZ 10.3

    Animal Stories


    PZ 73-78

    Languages: Spanish

    For research resources browse or search the following subject headings in the CMMC or in the basement of Wiggins Memorial Library:

    Call Number Range



      Education (General)


      History of education


      Theory and practice of education


      Special aspects of education


      Individual institutions


      Student fraternities and societies, United States




      Book Locations Map

      Click image to enlarge.

      Loan Periods

      Audio book- 21 days/2 renewals

      AV Equipment- 4 hours/1 renewal

      Book- Students:  21 days/2 renewals Faculty:  Semester/2 renewals

      CD/DVD/VHS- Students: 7 days/0 renewal  Faculty: 30 days/1 renewal

      Computer and Accessory- 4 hours/1 renewal

      Manipulative- Students: 21 days/2 renewals Faculty:  30 days/1 renewal

      Nook- 10 days/1 renewal

      Media Set- Students:  7 days/0 renewal Faculty:  30 days/1 renewal

      Video Camera- 2 days/1 renewal

      Handling Overdue Materials

      When checking out books to someone who has an overdue fine, kindly inform them of the fine amount. Let them know that it will be sent to the Business Office (every Friday), or they can come in and pay it in cash. If they choose to pay cash at another time, please give their full name to Cindy. 

      See a Staff Member if:

      • Someone would like to pay an overdue fine
      • Someone believes they were wrongly charged an overdue fine
      • Someone has a really, really good sob story
      • Anything else relating to an overdue fine 

      iPads Checkout Policy for Education Majors

      Lamination Procedures


      1. When a patron drops off items to be laminated, s/he will complete the form below.

      2. The form and items to be laminated will be placed in a designated area (see desk).

      3. Once materials are laminated, they will be rolled up and secured with a rubber band.

      4. The employee who laminated the materials will record the fee owed on the form.

      5. The form will be attached to the rolled materials.

      6. Completed materials will be placed at the designated area at the CMMC Research Assistance Desk.

      Idea Lab Supplies

      The following supplies are available in  the Idea Lab:

      • crayons
      • markers
      • scissors
      • construction paper
      • poster board
      • paper cutter

      Additional supplies are located in the storage closet.  Any librarian or staff member can open the closet for you.  Patrons are free to use these materials while they are in the Idea Lab.  Students are not allowed to take supplies out of the lab.

      Ellison Die Cut Machine in Idea Lab

      More than 120 dies are available for your use with the Ellison Die Cutter in the Idea Lab.  Construction paper is provided.  Directions are posted.

      What To Do When There's Nothing To Do

      • Straighten your assigned stacks
      • Make sure the books in your assigned stacks begin with "JUV"
      • Tidy-up the Idea Lab
      • Re-shelve books that have been on the book carts or in study rooms
      • Straighten-up the front desk
      • Restock the copiers with paper
      • Straighten chairs/furniture
      • Clean desk area with wet wipes
      • Clean computer terminals, if it is slow and won’t be a distraction to those working
      • Play around on the library website and learn something new
      • Read through the list of available databases in your subject of interest and explore them