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Wiggins Library Student Workers Guide: Reference

Welcome to the electronic version of the library student worker handbook. This is meant to be a quick reference for any questions you might have about working here at the library or that might crop up while you're on the job.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Placing an ILL request: When a book or article is needed and Wiggins Library doesn't have a copy available, the patron can request the material from another library, using ILLiad form online.  Please allow up to 4-5 days for book requests, and 2-3 days for articles.

Picking up an ILL item: All ILL items are shelved alphabetically on a shelf in the Research Assistance office area and patrons come to the Research Assistance Desk to pick up their items.  'When a patron comes to pick up a book, have them sign and date the slip of paper in the book, and give the signed slip to Marie.

Returning an ILL item:  When a patron returns an ILL book, place this book on the shelf labeled ILL returns in the Research Assistance office area.


Welcome! Check this area frequently for new announcements.




Printing from a Personal Laptop:

How do I print from my laptop to a library printer?

  • Using your laptop, log in with your Campbell ID and connect to CU’s network either wired (preferred) or wireless.
  • Print drivers can be found at:
  • Choose “Main Campus Libraries 7535 Color & B/W” to print to a library printer.
  • After installing, print your document by selecting “Main Campus Xerox 7535” as your printer. A dialog box will appear for you to enter your WebAccess username.
  • To pick up your document(s), go to any library printer and swipe your card to release document(s).

Check out this page for detailed instruction for printing on campus Pharos/Xeros printers.

Shift Replacements

Great customer service means ALWAYS having a friendly face at our front desks to greet patrons. That's why it's critical for you to find a replacement in advance for a shift you will need to miss. Please follow your department's guidelines to achieve this:


In Circulation

  • Post your open shift in the department's BlackBoard "Shift Replacements" discussion thread. Once you post the shift, you are no longer responsible for filling it.

In Research Assistance

  • Post the shift to the department's Blackboard thread and monitor the thread to see if it gets picked up. If no one picks it up 24-hour prior to the shift, notify your supervisor.

In the CMMC

  • Email Ms. Darden ( or the Graduate Assistant with whom you work, as far in advance as possible, to let them know you will have to miss a shift.


Regardless of department, your shift is your responsibility, so please act accordingly. Failure to arrange coverage or let a supervisor know that you are not coming in will result in a warning and possibly dismissal.

If you sign up for a co-worker's shift, it becomes your responsibility.  If something comes up and you can no longer work the shift you signed up for, you must find a replacement.

If you are suddenly ill or have an emergency and cannot come in for your shift, please call a supervisor immediately so we can try to arrange coverage. 

What To Do When There's Nothing To Do


  • Straighten Reference stacks
  • Tally reference books on cart & mark them as Items Used in Work Flows
  • Re-shelve reference books that have been tallied & marked as used
  • Make sure the books in the Reference Area are in LC call number order
  • Straighten chairs/furniture
  • Clean desk area with wet wipes
  • Clean computer terminals, if it is slow and won’t be a distraction to those working
  • Play around on the library website and learn something new
  • Read through the list of available databases in your subject of interest and explore them.

Cooperative Agreements

Wiggins Memorial Library has Cooperative Agreements with the following Colleges/Universities:

Central Carolina Community College Library

Miller-Motte College

Mount Olive College

If a student, faculty, or staff member from these universities, or any other university, asks for information regarding a Cooperative Agreement, please have a Circulation staff member assist them.


Research Consultations

An individual research consultation is:

  • One-on-one research assistance for students, staff, and faculty of Campbell University.
  • Available by appointment only, at no cost to users

To Schedule a one-on-one research consultation please use this form.

Study Rooms


  • Nine group study rooms are available on the second floor and in the basement of Wiggins Library. These rooms are intended for course-related study for groups of two or more students.


  • Each group study room is equipped with an HD monitor and a dry erase board. Cables, markers, and erasers are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.


  • Reservations can be made Online ("Room Reservations" under QUICK LINKS on the library home page) and at the Research Assistance Desk