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Wiggins Library Student Workers Guide: Technology Troubleshooting

Welcome to the electronic version of the library student worker handbook. This is meant to be a quick reference for any questions you might have about working here at the library or that might crop up while you're on the job.

"My Document Won't Print in Color"

PROBLEM: Student selected "Color" before printing but document came out in black and white

SOLUTION: First, go with the patron to the computer they were using.  Ensure that "Color" is selected in both the program-specific properties menu AND the Xerox printer preferences menu.  

Sometimes a patron will have selected color in both places and the document still prints black and white.  One solution is to click "Black and White" in the properties menu, and then reclick "Color" before printing.

"The Printer Won't Print from My Flash Drive"

PROBLEM: The patron is unable to print a document when inserting their flash drive into the xerox printer.

SOLUTIONThe xerox machine will only print PDF, TIFF, and XPS files directly from a flash drive.  If a student needs to print a different file type, they will have to print through a computer.   

Note: If using a flash drive to print directly from the xerox machine, students will need to print all of their documents and then log out of the machine before removing their flash drive to prevent corruption. 

"I Want to Print to the Library Computers from My Laptop."

PROBLEM: The patron wants to print to the library computers using their laptop, but they need to install the print driver first.

SOLUTION: Send them to this page, which provides detailed instructions.

"How do I reboot the Information Commons computers to Mac?"

Restart the PC.  While the computer is restarting, hold down the "Option" key.

"My Printed Document Looks Garbled"

PROBLEM: A document is printing in a garbled format

SOLUTION: Try saving the document as a PDF.  

  • Click "File"
  • Click "Print"
  • Select "Adobe PDF" as the printer
  • Tweak all other printer properties to your liking
  • Click "Print" and save the document to the computer
  • Then, open the new PDF document and print to the Xerox machines

"The Printer is Holding My Job" or "The Printer Says 'Active Job Held'??"

PROBLEM: A student's job went successfully from the computer to the printer.  At the printer, they click on "Print Release" and then print their job, but an error message comes up that mentions it being out of paper.


  • Click "Job Status" on the Xerox machine to find more information about the job.  
  • If you see the error message "Resources Required: Out of Paper," it means that the job the student sent to the printer was sent as an unusual file size.  The printer isn't out of paper, it just doesn't have the paper size it thinks you're trying to print.  The xerox machine only houses paper that is 8.5x11" or 8.5x14".  
  • The student will need to format their document to one of these standard sizes and resend it.  The printer will only print jobs that it has the paper for - it is trying to be smart and is assuming that you will load the appropriate size paper for it to print the unusual job.

Computing Services Brochure

This brochure has helpful information for new students needing to set up their Campbell accounts. 

How to Print in Color

Time marks where you will find demonstrations for each program.

PDF from Internet - 0:20

Publisher Document - 1:10

Word Document - 2:10

Excel Document - 3:10

*Any document/pdf on SmartInk will NOT print in color.  It doesn't matter what settings you change.