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Wiggins Library Student Workers Guide: Circulation

Welcome to the electronic version of the library student worker handbook. This is meant to be a quick reference for any questions you might have about working here at the library or that might crop up while you're on the job.

What To Do With New Books?


  1. Separate out JUV & CMMC books – place them in the blue bin at the Circ holding shelves to go upstairs (where they will be scanned in).
  2. Scan every remaining barcode into Alma; make sure to uncheck ‘Register in-house use’  box first.
  3. Pull all books with a dust jacket and set them on the Colibri table in the GA office.
  4. Place any books with a special “bookmark” (& prefix) in proper spot:
  1. REF – on the cart immediately inside on right wall of Reference office
  2. MED or CUSOM – on the cart immediately inside on right wall of Reference office
  3. DIC – bring upstairs to the Drug Information Center
  1. Put books published in the current and previous 2 years on a separate cart – these will go on the New Books shelves after following the Adding New Books steps below.



In GA/Staff member’s Alma account:

  1. Step 1: Open ‘Scan In Items’
  2. Click on ‘Change Item Information’
    1. Change Type: Temporary
    2. Location: New Book Shelves
  3. Step 2: Make Due Date 3 weeks from today
  4. Step 3: Scan barcode(s)
  5. Step 4: Exit
  6. Shelve the New Books in call # order on New Book Shelves


  1. Run New Books Due Date report - once weekly (usually Monday) to get a list of books due to move from their Temporary (New Books) location to their Permanent (Wiggins Basement or Kivett) location.
    1. To get Report, go to Analytics in Alma > Design Analytics > Catalog > Shared Folders > Campbell University > Reports > Fulfillment > New Books Due Date
    2. Double click and print out the report.
  2. Pull the books for that week.
  3. Back in Alma > click on Scan In Items > Change Type > choose Restore > Scan barcode of the books you pulled. Exit.

Cooperative Agreements

Wiggins Memorial Library has Cooperative Agreements with the following Colleges/Universities:

Central Carolina Community College Library

Miller-Motte College

Mount Olive College

If a student, faculty, or staff member from these universities, or any other university, asks for information regarding a Cooperative Agreement, please have a Circulation staff member assist them.

Circulating Reserve Materials

Print reserves are organized alphabetically by PROFESSOR'S LAST NAME. Some reserves are placed under a DEPARTMENT or COURSE TITLE/NUMBER instead.

If you cannot find a reserve item
that a student is looking for, be sure to look for it under:
Professor's Name,
Course Title,
Course Number, and
to cover all of your bases.

 You may look up course reserves online by going to
and clicking on "Reserves" under Quick Links.
Then, click the link under "Find Print Reserves."

There, you may look up materials by
Course Number, or
Course Name. 

(You can invite patron to return in 15-20 minutes; If no one else has checked the item out by then they may check it out again.) 

Faculty Requests to Place Material on Reserve

If a professor wishes to place materials on Reserve, give them a Reserve Request form from the Library Information notebook and ask them to fill it out.

The materials will be placed on reserve within 24 hours, with exception to materials dropped off on Friday after 4:30pm or on weekends.

Place the completed form & materials on Cindy's desk.

Professors may refer questions to

What To Do When There's Nothing To Do

Every day when you arrive for your shift, you have three priorities: 

1) Make sure that no one needs immediate help at the desk and that the area is clear of materials.

2) Shelve books (after they are Fine Free Checked In).

3) Do inventory.

When these tasks are completed, you may be looking for something to do:

  • Dust & straighten stacks
  • Dust/wet wipe Circulation Desk
  • Dust/wet wipe first floor tables/computer desks if it is slow and won’t be a distraction to patrons
  • Clean computer terminals, if it is slow and won’t be a distraction to patrons
  • Straighten chairs/furniture; throw out any receipts and trash you see
  • Straighten New Books shelf
  • Straighten Oasis Collection and check that DVDs are in alphabetical order
  • Check to see if we're running low on Student Employment Applications, Timesheets, or other forms. Use a copycard and print out in color directly from LibGuide Forms tab (do not photocopy).
  • Play around on the library website and learn something new
  • Read through the list of available databases in your subject of interest and explore them

Handling Overdue Materials

When checking out books to someone who has an overdue fine, kindly inform them of the fine amount. Let them know that it will be sent to the Business Office (every Friday), or they can come in and pay it in cash. If they choose to pay cash at another time, please give their full name to Cindy. 

See a Staff Member if:

  • Someone would like to pay an overdue fine
  • Someone believes they were wrongly charged an overdue fine
  • Someone has a really, really good sob story
  • Anything else relating to an overdue fine 

Oasis Collection

The Oasis Collection is provided to students through a partnership with the Student Government Association and includes popular and current feature films, documentaries, TV series, and books.  Students may request titles using the request sheet on the left side of the Circulation Desk.

Titles and Apps Available on the Nooks