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Campbell University Study Abroad: Faculty-Led Programs

Rotating Summer Programs: Taught During Odd Years

Criminal Justice Program
One-month program

Location(s): London/Netherlands, or London/Paris

Housing: The program housing will be primarily located in downtown London.

Courses: Criminal Justice courses determined by the Faculty Director(s) (FD), and independent studies at the FD discretion.

Description: Investigate the historic and modern justice systems of the UK and Netherlands/France. Sites include Jack the Ripper Tour, Scotland Yard, M15, Old Bailey Courts, and the Tower of London. 

Costa Rica Program
One-month program with optional volunteer extension 

Location(s): Alajuela, Costa Rica

Housing: Homestays with local village families.

Courses: Spanish language courses at ICLC language school supplemented by the Faculty Director(s) (FD), and biology/ecology courses provided by the FD.

Description: Students will spend a weekend in the rainforest, hike nature walks, zip line through the rainforest, explore volcanoes, learn to salsa, and white water raft to a unique educational facility. Students have the option to extend their stay in Costa Rica at the completion of the program to volunteer in local service learning projects through ICLC.

London Program
One-month program 

Location(s): London, UK

Courses: British Literature courses determined by the Faculty Director(s) (FD), and independent studies at the FD discretion.

Description: Experience life and culture in Londontown by living like a local. Visit the sites of Arthurian legends and British literature. Sites may include Stonehenge, Stratford Upon Avon, the Globe, Westminister Abbey, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Possible included or optional weekend trips: Edinburgh, Scotland; Cardiff, Wales; Paris, France.

Italy Program
One-month program

Location(s): Travel to numerous cities in Italy, then spend a week at Isola del Gran Sasso, a children's camp in the Italian countryside.

Courses: Philosophy, Religion, and Art courses determined by the Faculty Director(s) (FD), and independent studies at the FD discretion.

Description: Be inspired by the art, culture, and food of Italy. Possible sites include Rome, the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Pantheon, Assisi, Umbria, and Florence.

Business Program
Ten-day program

Location(s): Chile/Spain/London

Courses: Independent studies at the Faculty Director(s) (FD) discretion only.

Description: Learn about the business and economic global practices from leaders in these industries. Numerous sites of historic and modern interest will be included. Possible service learning component will also be included.

Campbell University Faculty-Led Programs

Rotating Summer Programs: Taught During Even Years

Europe: Psychology and Culture
Three-week program

Location(s): France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany

Courses: N/A

Description: Students, alumni, and friends will travel to four different countries to learn more about the history of many famous psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, William Wundt,and Viktor Frankl. This program will give you the oportunity to tour historical castles, psychologists' houses, and many other places where psychology made its' landmark.


Germany and France: Fairytales 
Two-week program

Location(s): Students will visit Hohenschwangau, Oberammergau, and Neuschwantstein Castle, Brothers Grimm's House in Steinau

Courses: Optional credits available through independent studies at discretion of faculty directors.

Description: Students will go on a variety of excursions that include museums, fairy path, fairytale houses, and many more to see where many of the fairy tales that have been told from generations were first thought of.

Hawai'i: Natural History and Culture Program
One-month program

Location(s): O'ahu, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Courses: BIOL 260: Hawaiian Natural History and Culture, and independent studies at the Faculty Director(s) (FD) discretion.

Description: The Hawaiian Islands serve as a living laboratory for students to study factors that regulate the establishment of biological and cultural diversity in an oceanic island system. Practical field exercises and self-designed research projects will help students develop experience in plant systematics, ecology, geology, conservation biology, ethnomedicine, and ethnoecology. Through a series of guest lectures and site visits, students will explore the many biological and cultural influences that have shaped modern Hawaii.


Tanzania: Medical Service Learning
One-month program

Location(s): Work with the SHED Foundation in Shirati, and the City of Hope in Ntagacha.

Courses: 2-credit spring introductory course, BIOL 460, and independent studies at the Faculty Director(s) (FD) discretion.

Description: Through a 2-credit spring introductory course, students learn general information about life and the healthcare systems of Tanzania, cross-cultural medicine, basic diagnostic training, and rudimentary Swahili. Students develop their own project with the FD to complete through the program. In Tanzania, students shadow healthcare professionals, participate in service learning projects, provide basic clinical services, and conduct village surveys and educational talks with locals.

Other Programs

Full Semester and Year-Long Programs

The Office of Study Abroad cooperates with other universities through consortiums and partnerships to provide students with the full globe of international opportunities; through such cooperations, our students work, complete, and learn with students from other universities across America and the world.

Internships or Service Learning

Increasingly, students are pursuing international experience through internships and service learning.

Teaching English Abroad

Opportunities are available to teach English in China, Chile, Thailand, South Korea, and Spain.