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Campbell University Study Abroad: Welcome!

Campbell University Office of Study Abroad

Visit the Office of Study Abroad in 112 Kivett
or Contact Us at 910.893.1576
or 910.814.4786.

Or send us your contact information by clicking this link:
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Office of Study Abroad Staff
Dr. Donna Waldron, Director 
Ms. Kendra Erickson, Coordinator 

Where in the World Have CU Students Traveled?

Campbell University students have traveled throughout North America to places like Hawai'i and Mexico, South America to Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru, Central America to Costa Rica, Guatamala, and Honduras, Africa to Tanzania, Europe to Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and Wales, the Pacific Islands to Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East to Israel, Jordan, and Turkey, and Asia to China, Japan, Mongolia, and South Korea, totaling 30 countries.