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Accessing the Databases from Off-Campus


As you gather your research for your paper, please know that I am available for help.  Here is how you can reach out for help

  1. 24-7 Chat with a librarian 
  2. Email me with your questions
  3. Set up a meeting with me 

Primary Vs. Secondary

Primary Sources – Original, first-hand accounts of a subject or an event, primary sources may also come from a person who lived at the time of the event but was not an eyewitness. Examples of primary sources include: newspapers, diaries/journals, letters, interviews, speeches, news footage, autobiographies, art, photographs, poetry, music, and three dimensional artifacts.

Secondary sources – Scholars create secondary sources by doing research using primary sources. Examples of secondary sources include: books, encyclopedias, scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. Secondary sources help gather background information and gain an understanding of what historians already know about a topic area.


Welcome!! This guide is meant to help you with your debate assignment.  This guide will help with locating the sources you need:

  •  The Peer Reviewed tab has resources to help you understand what a peer review source is and how to find them
  • The Library Resources tab you will find places to go for book,  e-books, journal articles and news sources.
  • The AMA Citation tab has resources to help you with your AMA citations.
  • The Well-Being tab links to Campbell's Well-being website

How To Search OneSearch and other Databases

In this video I show you how search the library's resources using OneSearch and using the library's databases. This overview should help you as you begin your research.

Library Tutorial Collection

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