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Theological Research

This research guide is intended to supplement instruction in all courses involving theological research and also the DIVI 9049: Introduction to Theological Research course.

Written Works Requiring Research

  • Reflections
  • Sermons (Preaching classes)
  • Research papers (Theology, Church History, Biblical Studies)
  • Book reviews (Life and Work of the Minister)
  • Projects
  • Word studies
  • Exegetical papers

Theological Reference Collection

Reference works can help with preliminary research.  The Theological Reference Collection is located on the 3rd floor of Kivett.  See map below.

What will you find there?

  • Bible Dictionaries
  • Church History, Denominational, & Theologian reference works
  • Commentaries
  • Greek & Hebrew Lexicons
  • and more...

Book Locations Map

Click image to enlarge.

Library of Congress Classification System Printables- Religion

Topic Selection

Refer to sections 1.2.1- 1.2.5 of the Turabian Style Guide.  Good research should answer a question that has not yet been answered. 

I am working on the topic X

because I want to find out how/why/whether Y

so that I can understand and help others to understand how/why/whether Z


I am working on the topic Paul and the Law

because I want to find out why Paul sometimes stressed freedom from the Law and yet seemed to assume Christians will follow the Law

so that I can understand ....