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HIST 357: The Middle East/North Africa: An Area Study: General Information

This guide contains resources to assist with research on the Middle East and North Africa.

Subject Headings for the Middle East

DS35.3-35.77     The Islamic World

DS36-39.2          Arab countries

DS36.9                     Ethnography

DS37-39.2                History

DS41-66            Middle Est. Southwestern Asia. Ancient Orient. Arab East. Near East

DS51-54.95              Local history and description

DS54-54.95       Cyprus

DS58-59                   Ethnography

DS61-66                   History

DS67-79.9         Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia)

DS69-70.5                Antiquities

DS70.8              Ethnography

DS70.82-79.9          History

DS80-90            Lebanon (Phenicia)

DS80.5-80.55          Ethnography

DS80.7-87.6            History

DS92-99            Syria

DS94.7-94.8            Ethnography

DS94.9-98.3            History

DS99                 Provinces, regions, cities, etc.

DS101-151        Israel (Palestine). The Jews

DS109-109.94   Jerusalem

DS111-111.9      Antiquities

DS113.2-113.8  Ethnography.  Tribes of Israel

DS114-128.2           History

DS133-151        Jews outside of Palestine

DS153-154.9     Jordan.  Transjordan

DS153.5-153.55      Ethnography

DS153.7-154.55      History

DS155-156        Asia Minor

DS161-195.5     Armenia

DS173-195.5          History

DS201-248        Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia

DS218-219             Ethnography

DS221-244.63        History

DS247-248       Local history and description

DS251-326       Iran (Persia)

DS260.7-262         Antiquities

DS268-269            Ethnography

DS270-318.85       History

DS324-326            Local history and description

DT43-154        Egypt

DT56.8-69.5      Antiquities

DT63-63.5         Pyramids

DT68-68.8         Religious antiquities

DT71-72                Ethnography

DT73                     Local antiquities

DT74-107.87         History

DT115-154            Local history and description

DT139-153.5       Cairo

DT154.1-159.9    Sudan.  Anglo-Egyptian Sudan

DT154.8                  Antiquities

DT155-155.2           Ethnography

DT155.3-157.67      History

DT159.6-159.9        Local history and description

DT160-177           North Africa

DT167-176              History

DT168-169.5        Carthaginian period

DT179.2-179.9     Northwest Africa

DT181-346           Maghrib. Barbary States

DT211-239           Libya

DT223-223.2           Ethnography

DT223.3-236           History

DT238-239              Local history and description

DT241-269           Tunisia (Tunis)

DT253-253.2           Ethnography

DT253.4-264.49      History

DT268-269              Local history and description

DT271-299           Algeria

DT283-283.6           Ethnography

DT283.7-295.55      History

DT298-299              Local history and description

DT301-330           Morocco

DT313-313.6           Ethnography

DT313.7-325.92       History

DT328-329               Local history and description

DT330                   Spanish Morocco

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