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2019 Symposium Schedule: Poster Session II- 4pm

Please join us for the Poster Presentations & Exhibits!

The 9th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium is Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Poster Session II will take place on the second floor of the library from 4:00pm- 5:00pm.  A reception will follow in the lobby of Butler Chapel.

Poster Presentations - 4:00 PM

Student Presenter(s) Presentation Title Faculty Mentor Discipline
Maddison Baiotto Influence of Exogenous Caffeine on Embryonic Development of the Zebrafish Danio rerio Dr. Beth Cauley Biology
Chloe Baumgardner
Keelie Butler
Detection and Characterization of Biosurfactants Produced by Marine Bacteria Dr. Michelle Thomas Biology
Elizabeth Dean Morphological Variation Within the Hawaiian Endemic Tree Planchonella sandwicensis Dr. Christopher Havran Biology
James Giddens Tropical Dry Forest Restoration Dr. Christopher Havran Biology
Dylan Rogers Lignocellulose Degrading Proteins Found in the Bacterium Cedecea lapagei Dr. Stephanie Mathews Biology
Shane Galvin** Engineering Artificial Metalloproteins for Non-Natural Catalysis Dr. Evan Reynolds Chemistry
Kaitlin Grigg
Marina Maddaloni
Pedagogical Lab Development: Building the Bond between Chemistry and Art Dr. Sarah Goforth
Prof. Cindy Morefield
Alexis Janoczkin Developing a Pedagogical Experiment on Solvent-Free Oxidation of Secondary Alcohols to Ketones Dr. Sarah Goforth Chemistry
Peter Robbins Creation of a Metalloenzyme for Friedel-Crafts Alkylation Dr. Evan Reynolds Chemistry
Sheniece Carpenter
Diana Charles
Megan Gidron
An Analysis of the Association between a Diagnosis of Depression and Comorbid Chronic Diseases in Patient Visits with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) Dr. Melissa Holland
Dr. Michael Jiroutek
Clinical Research
Alexia Greene
Evan Lucas
An Analysis of Herpes Zoster Prevalence and Associated Predictors Utilizing the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey: 2006-2015 Dr. Melissa Holland  Clinical Research
Eunae Ko Hypothermia and Colorectal Surgical Site Infections: A Retrospective Cohort Study Dr. Igor Danelisen Clinical Research
Dylan Gooch** Development of a Small-scale Radiative Heat Transfer Experiment and Model for Classroom Use Dr. Jacqueline Gartner Engineering
Rachael M Plasters The Effectiveness of an Unconventional Circuits Engineering Course Taught at Campbell University Dr. Ana Rynearson Engineering
Brynn Hudgins Comparison of Rate of Perceived Exertion Load and Daily Wellness Scores Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Alice Chang
Stephanie Cheng
Peter Choi
Nicole Cillis
Metastatic Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Demonstrating Fibrosis Dr. Howard Reisner
Dr. Maxx Toler
Osteopathic Medicine
Campbell Connell
Meredith Culbertson
Andrew Perry
Evaluation of Ischemic Stroke in Rostral Pons Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Dr. Terence Mitchell
Osteopathic Medicine
Augustus Floyd
Angela Hanson
Rebecca Hwang
Bogdan Luchkevich
Pyelonephritis: Case Report with Discussion of Predisposing Factors and Clinical Implications Dr. Maxx Toler Osteopathic Medicine
Hammodah R. Alfar CMK11-5 Cells as a Model to Study Platelet Aggregation and Secretion Dr. Stephen Holly Pharmaceutical Science
Scott Hultgren Genetic Engineering of a Thermophilic Bacteria, G. Thermoglucosidasius, for the Heightened Production of a Reporter Protein: sfGFP Prof. Tim Marks Pharmaceutical Science
Akshata Kanade Determination of Viscosity of Sucrose Syrups Dr. Antoine Al-Achi Pharmaceutical Science
Ruchi Patil Synthetic Cannabinoids Increase Aggregation in Isolated Human Platelets

Dr. Stephen Holly

Pharmaceutical Science
Dharmikkumar Vora Validation of Developed HPLC-MS Method for Bioanalysis of Efavirenz Dr. Qinfeng "Sarah" Liu Pharmaceutical Science
Lauren Denton
Taylor Holder
Gloria Rapp
The Risk of Herb-Drug Interactions Among Patients in Select North Carolina Clinics Dr. Pius Fasinu Pharmacy Practice

*Walter S. Barge Honors Program Participant
**2018 Student Research Fellows Program Participant

Symposium 2019


Oral Presentations, 10am-4pm
Poster Presentations, 9am-10am; 4pm-5pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5pm​
Reception, 5:15pm-6pm, Butler Chapel
Closing Awards Ceremony, 6pm-6:30pm, Butler Chapel