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2019 Symposium Schedule: Oral Presentations

Please join us for the Oral Presentations!

The 9th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium is Wednesday, March 20, 2019 Oral presentations will take place from 10:00am- 4:00pm throughout the library.  This is a floating event, so please attend sessions that best fit your schedule. 

Oral Presentations



Student Presenter(s)

Presentation Title

Faculty Mentor(s)



Rm 224

Emily Stapleton NC Blue Laws: A Case Study of the NC Brunch Bill Dr. John Mero

Political Science

Rm 301

Morgan Garris
Rebecca Younger

An Uncommon Source of Shoulder and Upper Extremity Pain in a Collegiate Baseball Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Rm 303 Lydia Huth Cubist Influences in Siegfried Sassoon’s “Repression of War Experience” Dr. Gina Peterman English

 Rm 312

Cameron Davis
Lauren Smith
Nuclear Autoantigenic Sperm Protein (NASP): A Possible Diagnostic Marker for Cancer Dr. Oleg Alekseev Osteopathic Medicine


Rm 224

Brian Jones
Jarred Lisec
Taylor Schmaltz
Trevor Thornton
Liangshuo Xu
Business Analysis & Consultation: Awakenings  Dr. Shahriar Mostashari Business
Rm 225 Gabrielle Gallagher
Development of a Novel Transformation Procedure to Modify the Mitochondrial Genome Dr. Warren Lushia Osteopathic Medicine
Rm 301 Mary Gatti Of Gender Roles, How They Were Begotten Dr. Elizabeth Rambo


Rm 303 Savannah Musto The Causation and Migration During the Trail of Tears Dr. Salvatore Mercogliano History

Rm 312

Thomas J. Labhart
John R. Magill

Does the Tactical Shuttle Test Compare With Validated Measures of Physical Fitness in Law Enforcement Special Operations Members? Dr. Bradley J. Myers Physical Therapy


Rm 224

Chloe Edwards

"Progression" Through the Years? An Analysis of the Cinematic Portrayal of Lesbians in Major Motion Picture Films

Dr. Amanda Parker

Criminal Justice

Rm 301 Katie Lachman
Daniel Letbetter
Abigail Penninger
Association Between Calcium/Vitamin D Supplementation with Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Women
Dr. Charles Carter
Dr. Michael Jiroutek
Clinical Research

Rm 303

Zach Berly

Demobilizing the Andean Abyss: Entertainment Education in Colombia Prof. Brian Bowman Communication Studies

Rm 312

Jordan Upton

Exile and Contemplation in "The Wanderer" and "The Seafarer"

Dr. Elizabeth Rambo



Rm 224

Sukanya Nagfernandes

  Formulation, Comparison, and Evaluation of Teeth Whitening Film Strips Dr. Mali R.Gupta Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Rm 301

Hannah Grace Allison 
Dakota Dawn Goldsmith

Facial Profiling Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

Rm 303

Sarah Bizzell
Nicolette Corrao
Claire Couch
Danielle Hart
Jordan Jackson

Prevalence Study: Pigmented Skin Lesions in Individuals Aged 65 and Older Dr. Adam Foster
Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Osteopathic Medicine

Rm 312

William "Gray" Barnhill

On My Honor: A Time of Transition and Opening Doors at the Boy Scouts of America Prof. Brian Bowman Communication Studies


Rm 224

Miles B. Hunt

Nevertheless, She Persisted Dr. Jennifer Garcia Bashaw Christian Studies
Rm 301 Micaela Robson Role of Bacillus subtilis in Polyester Degradation Dr. Stephanie Mathews Biology

Rm 303

Madalyn Brooks

The Other Woman: Anne Boleyn as a Catalyst of the English Reformation Dr. Salvatore Mercogliano History

Rm 312

Leah Tripp

Manufacturing Madness: The Purpose of Twelfth Night's Malvolio Dr. Eric Dunnum English


Rm 224

Ashley Souffrant*

Educational Interventions for Increasing Knowledge of Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Nicole Rushing Psychology
Rm 301 Leah Tripp Organizational Socialization in Blue-Collar Workers: New In Town Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies

Rm 303

Brandon Davis

Syrian Refugees and Their Attempts at Return Dr. James Martin History

Rm 312

Jamie Sandoval

Evaluating North Carolina's Brunch Bill Dr. John C. Mero Political Science


Rm 224

Brendi Bluitt*

Analyzing Identification and Health Communication in a Community Wellness Outreach Program from an Auto-ethnographic Perspective    Dr. J. Dean Farmer Communication Studies
Rm 301

Maribel Garcia Carranza

Building Trust in Interpretation in Health Care Domains Dr. Ann Ortiz Foreign Language
Rm 303 Shaina Gordon
Tanner Mabry
Investigation of an Anomalous Muscle in the Hand Dr. Maxx Toler
Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Osteopathic Medicine

Rm 312

Danielle Eustace
Stuart Gupton
Leah Main

Effect of Knee Immobilizer on Pelvic Obliquity of Young, Healthy Female Population Dr. Jennifer Bunn Physical Therapy


Rm 224

Alexis Janoczkin

Juxtaposition of the Theme of Sorrow in the Modernista Poetry of Amado Nervo and Alfonsina Storni Dr. Ann Ortiz Foreign Language
Rm 301

Florian Capobianco III
Cameron Davis
Renae Simons
Lauren Smith

Cadaveric Case Study: Correlations Between Ischemic Stroke, Early On-Set Alzheimer's, and Down Syndrome Dr. Bruce Newton
Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Osteopathic Medicine
Rm 303 Stuart Gupton
​John Manor
Influence of Anthropometrics, Body Composition, and Strength in Landing Angles of the Lower Extremity Dr. Jennifer Bunn Physical Therapy

Rm 312

Anna Cross*

TED Talks as an Exemplar of the Narrative Paradigm Dr. J. Dean Farmer Communication Studies


Rm 224

Caroline Wilson**

Enabling & Constraining: Structuration Theory in the Campus Kitchen at Ballard University Dr. J. Dean Farmer Communication Studies
Rm 301 Amanda Ritz Electrochemical Detection of Methylisothiazolinone in Dish Soaps Dr. Jordan Womick Chemistry
Rm 303 Kristen Powell The Pattern of Crime Dr. Sidong "Max" Zhang 
Ms. Heather Manhart

Rm 312

Danielle Eustace

Effectiveness of the Total Range Exerciser in Total Knee Arthroplasty Dr. Bradley J. Myers Physical Therapy


Rm 224

Madalyn Brooks King Henry VIII: Shakespeare's Propaganda vs. Historic Reality Prof. E. Bert Wallace Theatre
Rm 301 Kathryn Alphin Lacrosse Drill Classification for a Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse Team Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Rm 303

Stephanie Cheng
Tony Li
Richard Yang

Tobacco Use in a Free Health Clinic Serving a Rural, Agricultural Area Dr. Nicholas Pennings
​Dr. Amy Hinkelman
Osteopathic Medicine

Rm 312

Jade Baldwin
Lize Botha

The Acute Impact of Vinyasa Yoga on Improving Working Memory Performance in Undergraduate College Students Dr. Jutta Street Psychology
3:00-3:20 Rm 224 Rachel Davis* Portrayal of Conditions of Steerage Travel in the Age of Mass Migration  Dr. Salvatore Mercogliano History
Rm 301 Holly Price Corneal Ulcer  Dr. Corrie Struble  Exercise Science
Rm 303 Parker Barnes A Call for Sexual Education in the Church Dr. Ken Vandergriff Christian Studies
3:30-3:50 Rm 224 Zachary Nichols
Amber Oakes
Sheel Shah
Chenoa Shelton
A Study of the Relationship Between Opioid Deaths/Overdoses in NC Counties and Selected Socio-Demographic Variables of Each County Dr. Bob Cisneros Pharmacy Practice
Rm 301 Sarah Davis Ovarian Cancer and the BRCA Gene Dr. Corrie Struble Exercise Science
Rm 303 Natalie Wakefield* The Effects of Advertising on the Outbreak of Type II Diabetes Among Children Dr. Mat Gregoski Exercise Science
Rm 312 Timothy Carl Williams Aversion to the Best: The Subtle Advances of Sloth Dr. Cameron Jorgenson Divinity

*Walter S. Barge Honors Program Participant
**2018 Student Research Fellows Program Participant

Symposium 2019


Oral Presentations, 10am-4pm
Poster Presentations, 9am-10am; 4pm-5pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5pm​
Reception, 5:15pm-6pm, Butler Chapel
Closing Awards Ceremony, 6pm-6:30pm, Butler Chapel