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2019 Symposium Schedule: Poster Session I- 9am

Please join us for the Poster Presentations & Exhibits!

The 9th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium is Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  Poster Session I will take place on the second floor of the library from 9:00am- 10:00pm.  Breakfast is provided.

Poster Presentations - 9:00 AM

Student Presenter(s) Presentation Title Faculty Mentor Discipline
Renazja Harris The Growth and Digitization of the Campbell University Herbarium Dr. Chris Havran Biology
Madison L. Gentry Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Communicative Stigma Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies
Aaron Rhodes
Sebastian Simencic
Process and Material Analysis of a Boat Propeller Dr. Ana Rynearson Engineering
Brianna Chu
Emily Cox
Michelle Orlowski
Factors Surrounding Postabortion IUD Expulsion Dr. Michelle Langaker Osteopathic Medicine
Andrea Done
Emily Moya
Emily Powers
Shayna Youman
Analysis of End Stage Renal Disease and Renal Transplantation Dr. Robert Larson
Dr. Howard Reisner
Osteopathic Medicine

Steven Fisher
Kathleen Joy Hansen
Zoey Pascual

Liver Cancer with Review of Risk Factors Dr. Bonnie Brenseke Osteopathic Medicine

Sravya Gourishetti
Meredith Holt
Hengameh Pajer

A Cadaveric Study of Corpora Amylacea in an Individual with Possible Adult Polyglucosan Body Disease Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Dr. Terence Mitchell
Osteopathic Medicine
Allison Howell
Lauren Huff
David Morlock
Rushell Reid
Ovarian Cancer: Can It Be Found In Your Abdomen? Dr. Robert Larson
Dr. Howard Reisner
Osteopathic Medicine
Rishi Kumar
Amanda Martini
Bone Formation within an Atherosclerotic Abdominal Aorta Dr. Adam Foster
Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Osteopathic Medicine
Ina Lico
Dominic Putala
Saadiya Sehareen
Robert Shebiro
Cadaveric Case Study: Squamous Cell Lung Carcinoma with a Review of Targeted Therapies Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Dr. Terrence Mitchell

Osteopathic Medicine

Anthony Macey
Joseph McNamara
Mary Schmidt
Priya Vasudeva
Role of Lipids in a Case of Calcific Aortic Valve Stenosis Dr. Bonnie Brenseke Osteopathic Medicine
Erind Muco
Tibor Nagy
Ali Nassereddin
Genti Shatri
Management of a Pedunculated Adenomatous Colonic Polyp Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Dr. Bruce Newton
Osteopathic Medicine
Taylor Renbarger Severe Vaginal Bleeding in a Case of Renal Cell Carcinoma Dr. Michelle Langaker Osteopathic Medicine
Pratibha Chaudhari Vascular Effects of Intermediates of the Heme Biosynthetic Pathway Dr. Victor Pulgar Pharmaceutical Science
Sujay Gurav Diffusion Studies of Oral Hypoglycemics Using Onion Membrane Dr. Antoine Al-Achi Pharmaceutical Science
Gitanjali Kerkar Pediatric Milk Based Efavirenz Freeze-dried Nano-emulsion Formulation and Characterization Dr. Qinfeng Liu
Dr. Mali Gupta
Pharmaceutical Science
Ninad Mukadam Formulation and Evaluation of Econazole Nitrate Transferosomes. Dr. Antoine Al-Achi Pharmaceutical Science
Sukanya Nagfernandes Formulation, Optimization of an Antifungal Nail Polish Containing Itraconazole 1% and Evaluation for its Transungual Penetration Dr. Mali R.Gupta Pharmaceutical Science
Philip Oji** Development of an In Vitro Method Using Fluorescent Resonance Energy Transfer to Study Protein-Protein Interactions Dr. Stephen Sharkady Pharmaceutical Science
Wricha Poudyal Dissolution Enhancement of Repaglinide Using Melt Granulation Dr. Antoine Al-Achi Pharmaceutical Science
Gowthami Thota Comparison of Cannabidiol Containing Topical Formulation vs Coated 3D Printed Microneedles for Trans-dermal Diffusion Using Human Cadaver Skin Dr. Scott Asbill 
Dr. Mali Gupta
Pharmaceutical Science
Tess Wells Osteonecrosis of the Jaw in a Patient Post Dental Extraction With Over a Decade of Bisphosphonate Use: A Case Report Dr. Catherine Lewis Wente Pharmacy Practice
Stuart Holden
James Wilson
Victoria Yoder
Differences in Sleep and Exercise Behaviors According to Fitness Levels Dr. Bradley J. Myers Physical Therapy
Jessica Lacy Changes in Physical Activity and Fitness of Fourth Grade Students Following an 8-week Intervention Dr. Jennifer Bunn Physical Therapy
Elizabeth Johnson
Taylor Jones
Madison Sauls
​Jordan Whittenton
The Correlation Between Parenting Styles and Social and Academic Outcomes in Collegiate Level Students Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

*Walter S. Barge Honors Program Participant
**2018 Student Research Fellows Program Participant

Symposium 2019


Oral Presentations, 10am-4pm
Poster Presentations, 9am-10am; 4pm-5pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5pm​
Reception, 5:15pm-6pm, Butler Chapel
Closing Awards Ceremony, 6pm-6:30pm, Butler Chapel