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Community Faculty Resources: RSS Feeds

What does "RSS" mean?

RSS (or "real simple syndication" ) is a way of automatically receiving updates from your favorite web sites, publication, blogs, podcasts and video blogs. You interact with RSS reader  ( also known as "news aggregators" or "news readers") much like you do email.   Think of RSS readers as electronic versions of UPS or FedEx: they bring the information you "order" directly to your electronic "home."

How do you know if a publication or website has RSS services available?  Look for the RSS symbol (pictured above) which is usually located somewhere near the top of the web page or resource. 

Managing your RSS feeds

Your news feeds behave almost exactly like your email.

Establish a habit of regularly checking your newsfeeds and deleting the posts that you no longer need.

You can discontinue a feed at any time.

Reading RSS Feeds with Outlook

Your web browser or email client often has built in functionality for receiving RSS feeds.

Microsoft Outlook users can use the RSS function included in their mailbox.  Look for the RSS symbol.   

    • To set up a RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook, right click on the RSS folder.
    • Select "upload a OPMI file" or click "add a RSS feed" as indicated by the website offering a feed.

Articles regarding free RSS Feeders

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