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Community Faculty Resources: Current Awareness

What is "social bookmarking"?

If you are new to social  bookmarking, you can think of it as a cross between a web-based filing cabinet and a bulletin board.  Social bookmarking tags a website that interests you for later use.  You may already bookmark sites in your web browser, but social bookmarking saves them to the web instead of your browser.

Besides sharing your own bookmarks, you can also see what others have tagged or examine "tags" by category or popularity.

And because your bookmarks are web-based, you can get to them from any computer with internet access.

Move over, Google!

Because the tags on social bookmarking sites are created by real live humans instead of algorithms, searching social bookmarking sites can yield uniquely targeted and relevant results.  

Consider searching social bookmarking sites in addition to using traditional databases and searches to get a broad range of perspectives on your topic.

How does social bookmarking work?

Refworks, BibsonomyMendeley and Zotero are products that enable users to save, bookmark, organize, share and document useful sites and articles.  They offer plug ins that make it easy to collect and tag information directly from your web browser, and also can generate notes and bibliographies.   

Diigo is a platform of special interest to faculty and students because it provides utilities for highlighting, sticky notes and other tools of interest to those engaged in ongoing personal or group research.

 StumbleUpon helps users discover new information and content on topics of interest and then arranges them neatly for easy access.  In addition to general interest topics, StumbleUpon also includes medical topics and specialties.

Would you like more personalized information and assistance in setting up these services? Let me know.