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Virtual Symposium 2017 Presentations: Home

Virtual presentations from the 7th annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium.

Welcome to the 2017 Virtual Symposium!  The Virtual Symposium, an outgrowth of the 7th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium, provides a unique opportunity for our online students to share their research with the Campbell community.  The Virtual Symposium is a pilot for our online community, with the hopes of expanding the program to Campbell's extended campuses.

Virtual Symposium Presentations
Student presenters from Campbell Online programs were nominated by a professor and created a video presentation of their work.  Just like our in-person Symposium, presentations were evaluated by faculty judges, with student presenters eligible for awards.

Recorded Academic Symposium Presentations
In addition to our Virtual Symposium presentations, some in-person presentations from the Academic Symposium were recorded for our Campbell Online community to view.  (View the full Academic Symposium schedule)

Thank you to our students, faculty, and staff who worked hard to bring this opportunity to our Campbell Online students!