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2018 Symposium Schedule: Oral Presentations

Please join us for the Oral Presentations!

The 8th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium is Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Oral presentations will take place from 9:00am- 4:00pm throughout the library.  This is a floating event, so please attend sessions that best fit your schedule. 

Oral Presentations



Student Presenter(s)

Presentation Title

Faculty Mentor(s)



Rm 224

Madison Kimble

Regarding Franz Kafka in the Light of His Sufferings

Prof. Shirley Jefferds


Rm 225

Camden Johnston

Sex Differences in Ankle, Knee, Hip, and Torso Angles During a Drop Jump Task Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Rm 303 Colin Kroll The Lunchtime Devil: Acedia in the Eucharistic Liturgy Dr. Cameron Jorgenson Divinity

Rm 312

Faith Klatt

Not Settling for Just a Soup Kitchen: Initial Steps towards Positive Deviance Communication within Campus Kitchens Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies


Rm 224

Jared Fernandez

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment in Non-Primary Care: Initial Results of A Systematic Review Dr. Grace Brannan Osteopathic Medicine
Rm 225 Holly Price Bimalleolar Fracture With Syndesmotic Rupture In A Division I Collegiate Softball Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Rm 303 Melissa Pulley The Dynamics of Math Anxiety as it is Transferred Through Peer and Teacher Interactions Prof. Heather Manhart Mathematics

Rm 312

Joshua Duke

Building the Facade of Paradise: The Tragedy of Birobidzhan

Dr. James Martin



Rm 224

Lydia Huth Volumnia and Gertrude as Renaissance ‘New Mothers’ Dr. Eric Dunnum


 Rm 225

Caleb Newton  “El Cóndor Pasa”: How the Fine Arts Can Politically Influence the Nations Dr. René Ibarra Spanish
Rm 303 Justin Clark Vertical Jump Height In a Static Countermovement Jump Versus a Drop Jump In Division I Athletes Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science

Rm 312

Kailey Remien
Taylor Renbarger
Concurrent Ipsilateral Renal Cell Carcinoma and Papillary Renal Cell Carcinoma in an Individual with End Stage Renal Disease Dr. Robert Terreberry Osteopathic Medicine


Rm 224

Logan Gray An Introduction to the Theory of Knots Dr. Brittany Hansen Mathematics

Rm 225

Carson Murphy Residence Halls and Race Relations: Intercultural Communication and Conflict   Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies
Rm 303

Micaela Robson

Isolation and Characterization of Bacillus Species from Polyester Clothing  Dr. Stephanie Mathews Biology

Rm 312

Amanda Ritz Instead of Madame, You Can Call Me Bellefleur

Dr. Sherry Truffin



Rm 224

Monica Hammond

Data Analysis of Predictors of Cognitive Functioning in an Epidemiologic Study

Dr. Sidong "Max" Zhang 


Rm 225 Nathan Ameen Sickle Cell Trait in Division I Football Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science

Rm 303

Madison Faulk

Archetypes in the American Gothic: A Psychological Critique of Oates's Bellefleur Dr. Sherry Truffin English

Rm 312

Hope Freeman

Communication Historiography within Training and Development Programs

Dr. Dean Farmer

Communication Studies


Rm 224

Ruth Pacheco

 Erythema Nodosum in a Division I Collegiate Runner Dr. Corrie Struble Exercise Science
 Rm 225 Arnaldo Marcano-Flores The Literary Reflection of Puerto Rican Colonialism in “El medio pollito” by Rosario Ferré Dr. René Ibarra Spanish

Rm 303

Micheal Spates

Working Memory and Gender Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

Rm 312

Vance Anderson
William Ashburn
James Blackman
Mackenzie Koeller

Consulting Practicum: A Real-Life Business Case Study Dr. Shahriar Mostashari Business


Rm 224

Melanie Pyles

Themes In Gospel Music Dr. Adam English Christian Studies
Rm 225 Anna Turbyfill** The FDA vs. South American Regulation; How do they Compare? Dr. Ann Ortiz Spanish

Rm 303

Connor Knudsen

A Hungry Heart: Analyzing the Will to Live in Tennyson's "Ulysses" Prof. Shirley Jefferds English

Rm 312

Jordan Mullins 

Splenomegaly Dr. Corrie Struble  Exercise Science


Rm 224

Casidy Havird

Death Penalty: When Is the Death Penalty Cruel and Unusual? Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice
Rm 225  Morgan Garris Long Term Post-Operative Complications Following Fulkerson Osteotomy and Microfracture in a Collegiate Volleyball Player Dr. Sarah Christie

Exercise Science

Rm 303

Reiley McLaughlin

Paz and Eliot: The Impact of the Human Opinion Prof. Shirley Jefferds English

Rm 312

Kyle Admire
Julia Brogdon
Brian Gorman

Use of Anti-tNASP Antibody for Cancer Detection Dr. Oleg Alekseev Osteopathic Medicine


Rm 224

Lydia Huth

Sin Robed in Holiness: Gunpowder and Religious Corruption in The Revenger’s Tragedy Dr. Donna Waldron English
Rm 225

Diego Parra

Far Away Near and Dear Dr. René Ibarra Spanish
Rm 303 Valeen Jennings Segregation/Solitary Confinement and the 8th Amendment Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice

Rm 312

Brian Conner
Jared Fernandez
Josh Shurley

Thomas Turner
Chris Walker

Investigation of Microbial Involvement in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis Dr. Bonnie Brenseke and Dr. Terence Mitchell Osteopathic Medicine


Rm 224

Abigail Pore

The Appearance of Love: Violence, Passion, and Gender in Bellefleur Dr. Sherry Truffin English
Rm 225 Tyler Sanders Terry Vehicle Searches Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice
Rm 303 Andrew Impeduglia Existentialism in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman Prof. Shirley Jefferds English

Rm 312

Alexis Weidner

A Not So Innocent Abroad: Communication Autoethnograohy in Germany Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies


Rm 224

Caroline Wilson

Integrating Assets: Positive Deviance Potential in the Campus Kitchens Project Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies
Rm 225 Brendon Noyes
Joshua Wade

Hanna Whitehurst
 North Carolina Vaccination Policy Reform Dr. John Mero Political Science
Rm 303 John Manor Fitness and Fatness: Body Mass Index versus Body Composition Dr. Jennifer Bunn Osteopathic Medicine

Rm 312

Jared Genzel

Unclean: Flannery O’Connor’s Depictions of PTSD in Wise Blood Dr. Sherry Truffin English


Rm 224

Laura Barbalato
Nicholas Luibil
Investigating the Potential Cardiotoxicity of Synthetic Cannabinoid JWH-073 Dr. Bonnie Brenseke Osteopathic Medicine
Rm 225 Casey Pearce A Trip Down Memory Lane: A Memory Screening Program Evaluation Dr. Nicole Rushing Psychology
Rm 303 Mary Gatti The Effectiveness of No Child Left Behind on National Test Scores Dr. David Thornton Political Science

Rm 312

Leah Tripp

Nefarious Nurturing: Gothic Mothering and Wise Blood Dr. Sherry Truffin English
3:00-3:20 Rm 224 Madison Beane Prediction Model for Big South Basketball Dr. Sidong "Max" Zhang and Prof. Heather Manhart Mathematics
Rm 225 Carolyn Newsome Political Themes in the Capek Brothers' The Insect Play Prof. Bert Wallace Theatre Studies
Rm 312 Jacob Wells Stimulation of the CB1 Receptor With Synthetic and Natural Cannabinoids Induces Seizures With Varying Efficacy in Mice Dr. Christopher Breivogel Pharmaceutical Sciences
3:30-3:50 Rm 224 Jordan Hobgood Stereotypes in Society and Story: Gender Roles in Joyce Carol Oates’s Bellefleur Dr. Sherry Truffin English
Rm 225 Santos Saldivar The Mexican Immigrant: It Is Harder Than You May Think Dr. René Ibarra Spanish
Rm 303 Sarah Davis Acetabular Labral Tear in a Male High School Football Player with Limited Access to Care Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Rm 312 Rachel Davis “No Poetry After Hiroshima”: Jarrell’s “The Lost World” Framed by the Nuclear Age Dr. Gina Peterman English

**Walter S. Barge Honors Program Participant

Symposium 2018


Oral Presentations, 9am-4pm
Poster Presentations, 4pm-5:15pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5:15pm​
Reception, 5:15pm-6pm
Closing Awards Ceremony, 6pm-6:30pm