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2018 Symposium Schedule: Art Exhibits

Please join us for the Poster Presentations & Exhibits!

The 8th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academic Symposium is Thursday, March 27, 2018. The Poster Presentations and Art Exhibits will take place throughout the second floor of the library from 4:00pm- 5:15pm.

Art Exhibits

Student Artist Title Faculty Mentor
AnnaScott Cross Unspoken Prof. Brian Bowman
Rachel Dickerson Fo Prof. Larkin Tysor
Sarah Lockamy Violence is the Last Refuge of the Incompetent Prof. Brian Bowman
Jhaeren Medina Calm Shore Prof. Larkin Tysor
Amber Merklinger

The Hum of Bees

Prof. Brian Bowman
Gabriela Rosado Golden Boy Prof. Larkin Tysor
Hakeem Soulchild Geometric Inspiration Prof. Breck Smith
Matthew Thompson Skull Study Prof. Breck Smith

Symposium 2018


Oral Presentations, 9am-4pm
Poster Presentations, 4pm-5:15pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5:15pm​
Reception, 5:15pm-6pm
Closing Awards Ceremony, 6pm-6:30pm