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2017 Symposium Schedule: Oral Presentations

Please join us for the Oral Presentations!

The 7th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academics Symposium is Thursday, March 30, 2017 Oral presentations will take place from 9:00am- 4:00pm throughout the library.  This is a floating event, so please attend sessions that best fit your schedule. 

Symposium 2018


Oral Presentations, 9am-4pm
Performing Arts Presentations, 4pm-5pm
Poster Presentations, 4pm-5:15pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5:15pm​
Hors d'oeuvres Reception, 4pm-5:15pm
Dessert Reception, 5-5:30pm
Closing Awards Ceremony, 5:30-6pm

Past Symposia

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Rachel Davis presents her research titled, "Jungian Archetypes in The Once and Future King" — at Wiggins Memorial Library.

More Event Photos- 2016

Oral Presentations



Student Presenter(s)

Presentation Title

Faculty Mentor(s)



Rm 224

Andrew J. Franklin

The Last Port in the Storm 

Dr. Jaclyn Stanke


Rm 225

Rose Garrison

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems Vulnerabilities Dr. Amanda Parker Homeland Security

Rm 312

Danny Koh
Victoria Lipinski
Kathryn Smid
Kelsey Staudinger

Complications of Synthetic Surgical Mesh Dr. Bonnie Brenseke Osteopathic Medicine


Rm 224

Audrey Jordan
 Berenice Pena

"Pobre Juan" and the Challenges of Immigration to the U.S.

Dr. Rene Ibarra


Rm 225

Sarah Davis

Bilateral Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in a Division I Female Collegiate Swimmer Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science

Rm 303

Carson Murphy

Higher Education and Hazing: It’s Not Just Greek Life

Dr. Dean Farmer

Communication Studies


Rm 224

Candace Kinney-Wood Biblical Crime and Punishment: Dangerous Animals, Negligence, and Liability Dr. Amanda Parker

Homeland Security

 Rm 225

Jordan Upton Class Struggles Due to Capitalism in "The Violent Bear It Away” Dr. Sherry Truffin English

Rm 312

Leslie Williams An Examination of the Psychology Department at Campbell University Dr. Jutta Street Psychology


Rm 224

Monica Hammond
Sarah Schneider
Data Analysis of 2016 Presidential Election in North Carolina Dr. Max Zhang Mathematics

Rm 225

Holly Price Scaphoid Fracture in a Collegiate Division 1 Baseball Player  Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Rm 303

Erin Igwacho

Are people's decisions primarily the result of thought or emotion? Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

Rm 312

Jaimee Sharp Utopia or Nightmare?: Milton's Paradise Lost and Joss Whedon's Angel

Dr. Elizabeth Rambo



Rm 224

Austen Brennan

The Effect of Gun Control Laws on Mass Shootings in the United States

Dr. David Thornton

Political Science

Rm 225 Sarah Edery  Changes to the Death Penalty in California Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice

Rm 303

Danielle Dolphin

 ¡De panzazo! or “barely hanging on (by a thread)": A View of the Education System in Mexico/ ¡De panzazo! o “barely hanging on (by a thread)": Un punto de vista del sistema educativo en México Dr. Rene Ibarra Spanish

Rm 312

Ariane Smith

Matthew 12:46-50 and Mark 3:31-35: Jesus’ Redefinition of Family

Dr. Ken Vandergriff

Christian Studies


Rm 224

Tyler Kliewer

Does God Have a Case Against America?  Dr. Tony Cartledge Divinity
 Rm 225 Tyler Jackson
Kenny Lowe
Identity and Culture in “El Cóndor Pasa” and Cien Años de Soledad (One Hundred Years of Soletide): Glory and Dark History Dr. Rene Ibarra Spanish

Rm 303

Taylor McKaig

Critical Analysis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder  Dr. Dean Farmer Communication Studies

Rm 312

Ruth Pacheco 

Paget Schrotter Syndrome in a Division I Collegiate Softball Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science


Rm 224 

Keyonna Smith

Processing of Juvenile Suspects: How age can change the processing of criminals Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice
Rm 225 Hampton Locklear Predictors of Student Success in General Chemistry Dr. Lin Coker Chemistry

Rm 303 

Ashley Thomason
Katy Hunt

Dominance of Brain Waves Based on Location and Salience of Stimulus Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

Rm 312

Chelsey Anderson 

Can tNASP be used for cancer screening tests? Dr. Oleg Alekseev Osteopathic Medicine


Rm 224

Dallas Kivett

An Assessment of the Prevalence of Gangs in North Carolina Dr. Amanda Parker Homeland Security
Rm 225 Diane Ford** Legal Genocide Dr. Jutta Street


Rm 303

Madison Faulk

Sylvia: Literature's Hillary Clinton Prof. Shirley Jefferds English

Rm 312

Lydia Huth

The Room of Mirrors: Bellefleur and Women’s Liberation Dr. Sherry Truffin English


Rm 224

Nathan Ameen

 Hamstring Strain of D1 Collegiate Football Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Rm 225

Garrett Daniel

Turkey's Syria Problem Dr. James Martin History
Rm 303 Meghan Ingold** Hispanic Culture in the Americas Dr. Rene Ibarra Spanish

Rm 312

Madison Jones

Due process rights of terror suspects, immigrants, and war prisoners Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice


Rm 224

Austin Maynor

Expanding the Southern Canon: The Case for Jim Wayne Miller Dr. Gina Peterman English
Rm 225 Caleb Jones The Effect of a 6 Week Training Program on Heart Rate Acceleration as a Parameter for Measuring Fitness Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science

Rm 312

Charlotte Doran

Negative Effects of Probation Relating to the Fourth Amendment and Ways to Improve the Public Views of Probation Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice


Rm 224

Andrew Lackey**

Athletes: Airing It Out and Speaking Their Minds Dr. Sal Mercogliano History
Rm 225 Sheldon Irving Search and Seizure, Stop and Frisk, High Reward or Heavy Risk? Dr. Catherine Cowling Criminal Justice
Rm 303 Diane Armao 
Sarah Lamb 

Maria Lim
Dallin Lindstrom
Bruce Newton
​Howard Reisner
Taranjeet Singh
Case Report: A Novel Presentation of “Ringed Cranial Nerves” Dr. Howard Reisner Osteopathic Medicine

Rm 312

Lina Poindexter

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Healthcare Networks Dr. Bob Cisneros  Pharmacy Practice


Rm 224

Jackson Adamah Recovering Christological Ecclesiology Dr. Cameron Jorgenson Divinity
Rm 225

Jordan Mullins

Partial ACL Tear With Grade II Chondromalia  Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science

Rm 312

Timothy Mangum Jr.

Stress and Physical Activity Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

**Walter S. Barge Honors Program Participant