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2017 Symposium Schedule: Poster Presentations

Please join us for the Poster Presentations & Exhibits!

The 7th Annual Wiggins Memorial Library Academics Symposium is Thursday, March 30, 2017. The Poster Presentations, Engineering Exhibit, & Art Exhibits will take place throughout the second floor of the library from 4:00pm- 5:15pm.  A map of the poster presentations and art exhibit can be viewed online.

Symposium 2018


Oral Presentations, 9am-4pm
Performing Arts Presentations, 4pm-5pm
Poster Presentations, 4pm-5:15pm
Art Exhibits, 4pm-5:15pm​
Hors d'oeuvres Reception, 4pm-5:15pm
Dessert Reception, 5-5:30pm
Closing Awards Ceremony, 5:30-6pm

Past Symposia

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Mark Luke and Edward Hicks present their research titled, "Gender Disparities in Screening for High Cholesterol in Young Adults in the United States, 2007-2012" — at Wiggins Memorial Library.

More Event Photos- 2016

Poster Presentations

Student Presenter(s) Presentation Title Faculty Mentor Discipline
James Dressman
James Pericles

Samantha Rodriguez
Joshua Schwanke
Hannah Smith
Garrett Stang
Emily Stallings
Physical and Computer Modeling of Biological Macromolecules to Improve Understanding of Protein Structure and Function Related to Cell Function and Human Disease Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Bobby Casey
Herman Freeman
Michael McDonald
Caleb Parrish
Cece Shoemaker
Campbell University Herbarium (CAU), a repository of global plant specimens Dr. Chris Havran Biology
Rasheda Boachie
Laura Schnoor
Determining the Antimicrobial Effects of Perillaldehyde Dr. Michelle Thomas Biology
Gabriel Haire
Gloribel Vanegas
Identification and Characterization of Fluoroquinolone Resistant Bacteria from Swine Dr. Michelle Thomas Biology
Zachary Flaccavento
William Ogletree
Breann Zeches
Binding Study of Chimeric Pbx-1 and Pdx-1 Fusion Protein to Human Somatostatin Promoter Dr. Taek You Biology
Jordan Jackson Cloning Promoter Region of Human CHMP3 Gene Dr. Taek You Biology
Houston Cole Synthesis of Heterodisubstituted Pyridines via Cyclization of Methyl Ketones, DMSO, and Ammonium Salts Dr. Sarah Goforth Chemistry
Jennah Badger Effect of Lab Station on Student Performance in the General Chemistry Laboratory Dr. Jordan Womick Chemistry
Jacob Guthrie Determination of the Stoichiometry between an Anionic Surfactant and a Self-Assembled Aggregate Dr. Jordan Womick Chemistry
Danielle Barefoot
Sarah McGrath
A Cross-Sectional Study of Childhood Autism/Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis from 2006 through 2015 Dr. Charles Carter Clinical Research
Ashley Holombo
Meredith McSwain
An Analysis of United States Childhood Vaccination Trends and Predictors of Uptake for Years 2008-2014 Utilizing the National Immunization Survey Dr. Melissa Holland Clinical Research
Anne Elise Bolton
William Doherty
Jacob Freeman
John Harold
Lilli Severenchuk
Heidi Tuszkiewicz 
First-Year Engineering Robotics Demonstration Dr. Lee Rynearson Engineering
Summer Schuitema Experience Equals Success in Division I Volleyball Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Tiffany Sears Wrist-Worn Physical Activity Trackers Progressively Underestimate Steps with Increasing Walking Speeds Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Rae Freeman Pilonidal Cyst in a Collegiate Football Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Jada Jones Pectralis Major Tear in a Division I Collegiate Lineman Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Tamia McDougald Elbow reconstruction in Division one collegiate football defensive back Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Madison Beane Squaring the Circle? Yes, we can -- approximately Prof. Heather Manhart
Dr. Max Zhang
Lauren Brown
Patrick McCarthy
Steven Mouro
Bradley Poston
A Case of Calcific Aortic Stenosis with a Review of the Pathogenesis and Prevalence in North Carolina Dr. Bonnie Brenseke
Dr. Terrence Mitchell
Osteopathic Medicine
Mohamed Elshazzly
​Ani Mnatsakanian
An Analysis of Urogenital Infectious Diseases in rural Harnett County, NC Dr. Amy Hinkelman Osteopathic Medicine
Shruti Patel Combined effects of ascorbic acid and doxorubicin in cancer cell killing: Involvement of ROS Dr. Yunbo Li Osteopathic Medicine
Joshua Baker
David Barlow
A Metastatic Well-Differentiated Neuroendocrine Tumor (Carcinoid) Dr. Bruce Newton
Dr. Adnan Siddiqui
Osteopathic Medicine
Seth Thomas Axillary Artery Aneurysm: Case Report of a Rare Type of Peripheral Aneurysm Dr. Bruce Newton Osteopathic Medicine
Priyanka Durai
Mohamed Elshazzly
Yashika Patel
Investigation of Demographics and Disease Presentations In Underserved Harnett County, NC Dr. Christopher Stewart Osteopathic Medicine
Sri Ragavi Ashokkumar Erysolin as an inducer of antioxidants in cardiac cells Dr. Yunbo Li Pharmaceutical Sciences
Edward Hicks The Effects of Morphine and Tetrahydrocannabinol on Male and Female Beta-arrestin2 -/- Mice Dr. Chris Breivogel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Maryam Unnisa Flavonoid components of Passion flower extract antagonize various neuroreceptors Dr. Chris Breivogel Pharmaceutical Sciences
Venkata Lakshmi
Anupama Puvvada
Formulation, Optimization, and Evaluation of Caffeine Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODT's), prepared from the direct compression method using natural excipients Dr. Mali Gupta Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mahesh Namballa Dissolution Rate of Encapsulated Prednisone Nanoparticles Dr. Mali Gupta Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mamta Iyer Taste Masking of Isoniazid by Spray Drying Technique Dr. Rahul Haware Pharmaceutical Sciences
Abhay Jain A Structure-Mechanics relationship on Tablet Performance of Flufenamic Acid Polymorphs Dr. Rahul Haware Pharmaceutical Sciences
Tanvi Joshi The Compressibility Profile Study of Flufenamic acid:Nicotinamide cocrystals Dr. Rahul Haware Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nikita Patil Compressibility Profiles of Coprocessed Excipients at Different Storage Conditions Dr. Rahul Haware Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bindu Sushma Battineni Formulation and Characterization of Ibuprofen Loaded Nanoparticles using Defatted Milk Proteins as Emulsifiers Dr. Qinfeng Liu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Saroja Praneetha Punyamurtula Formulation of prednisone as non-fat milk based nanoparticles Dr. Qinfeng Liu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shasta Grotewiel Subtherapeutic Rivaroxaban Assay in a Younger Patient (30 kg) Despite Standard Adult Dosing  Prof. Tara Bell Pharmacy Practice
Megan Day
Jenna Grago
Kecia Missos
Chantley Thomas
Campbell University Script Your Future Challenge Dr. Bob Cisneros Pharmacy Practice
Doug Currington
Tiffany Vu
Interventions made by student pharmacists during in-room patient visits at an interprofessional student-run free clinic: A pilot study Dr. Katie Trotta
Dr. Scott Perkins
Pharmacy Practice
Katherine Cook
April Cooper
Kevin Cowart
Talal Dahhan
Subtherapeutic anti-Xa levels in a patient with cirrhosis receiving low molecular weight heparin for deep vein thromboses  Dr. Catherine Wente Pharmacy Practice
Leah Cashwell Assessing the Performance of Abdominal Muscles During Prone Bridge Exercise in Older and Younger Adults  Dr. Jennifer Bunn Physical Therapy
Jon Blair
Marissa Chaiser
Iqra Imam
Adriana Rosado
Victoria Sharpe
Carly Wilcox
Energizers & Calminizers: Short Activity Bursts for Elementary School Students  Dr. Angela Griffin
Dr. Michelle Green
Physical Therapy
Megan Day** Evaluation of prescribing patterns pre- and post-label change for antidepressants with a FDA black box warning for young adults Dr. Wesley Rich Public Health

**Walter S. Barge Honors Program Participant