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CPHS 100: Know Your Library

Library Hours

For the current listing,
view hours online.

Mon-Thurs    7:00am-Midnight

Friday               7:00am-6:00pm

Saturday       10:00am-5:30pm

Sunday           2:00pm-Midnight

These hours apply to WML during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Changes during exam, holiday, vacation periods, and summer sessions are posted at the library entrance and are on the library website.

Overnight 24 hour Study

Students can swipe their Campbell ID card to open the door to the left of the library entrance in order to gain access to the overnight study area on the second floor.Only the second floor is accessible for overnight study; no other area of the library, or library services, are available overnight. The overnight study area is monitored by a security guard. More information and hours

Off-Campus Access to Online Databases

Online databases are restricted to the Campbell University community.  To access these resources from off-campus, please provide your Campbell WebAccess username and password.

Scanning and Fax Machines

While we have scanners at the library, the Xerox machines are usually the easiest way to scan documents.  Swipe your ID card at the printer, tap "E-mail," add your e-mail address by tapping "Add Me" on the screen, and then copy documents just like you would to make print copies.  The Xerox machine will e-mail these documents as a PDF.

There are a total of 3 scanners located throughout the library:

Two scanners are avaiable on the first floor near Research Assistance.

One scanner is located on the 3rd floor in the CMMC idea lab.

*Note:  scanners are available on a first come first served basis.


The printer outside of the 3rd-floor computer lab (room 312) now has fax capabilities.  Students need to enter 9, and then a hyphen (-) before entering the fax number. 

Example: 9-2223333 (local) OR
9-19192223333 (long distance)

It is free to fax.

Students are not permitted to receive faxes on this machine, only to send faxes.

Photocopies and Printing

Xerox Locations:

Information Commons (2)
Periodicals Reading Room (1)
Wiggins 2nd Floor (1)
CMMC Outside of Comp. Lab (1)


Printing Costs:

$0.05 per black and white page
$0.15 per color page



Located in Wiggins Basement
$0.10 per page


Add CreekBucks to
Student ID Card:

Expand Log In options.
Choose "eAccounts" and
"+ Add Money" to Creek Bucks.
Fill in required information.
To submit, click "Make Deposit."


Book Locations Map

Click image to enlarge.

Library Study Zones

Ask A Librarian

Librarians are good resources for help with research, locating information, and citations. There are plenty of ways to get in touch!

Ask a librarian for help via:

  • Consultation appointment
  • 24/7 chat
  • Online video room
  • email or phone

Your Subject Librarian

Important Phone Numbers

Circulation Desk
On-campus:   x2462 
Off-campus:   910-893-1462

Research Assistance Desk/Reference
On-campus:   x1467
Off-campus:   910-893-1467

Curriculum Materials and Media Center/CMMC
On-campus:   x1595
Off-campus:   910-893-1595

CUSOM Library
On-campus:   x7700
Off-campus:   910-814-7700

Campus Safety:
On-Campus:   x1375
Off-Campus:   910-893-1550