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COSU 100 Library Assignment: Part 3: Annotated Bibliography

This guide provides resources to help you with your COSU 100 library assignment.

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Assignment Part 3: Annotated Bibliography

The information given in this section will help you to complete the third part of your library assignment.

  1. Locating Information
  2. Evaluating Sources/Determining Relevancy
  3. Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Assignment Parts 1, 2, & 3 should be submitted to your COSU 100 instructor.

Introducing the Annotated Bibliography Assignment

This video tutorial will introduce the Annotated Bibliography assignment.  Be sure to check out our OneSearch Basics and OneSearch Advanced tutorials if you haven't used the library's OneSearch tool before.

Locating Information

Use the search strings you created in Part 2 to find information about your topic.  In this video tutorial, view a demonstration of OneSearch, a tool used for locating books and articles for your research.




Evaluating Sources/Determining Relevancy

Once you've found sources, you need to determine if they are relevant for your research topic.




Questions to ask yourself:

  • Does the information source answer my question or help me to understand it better?
  • Does the information provide evidence for my point of view or does it provide a helpful opposing view?
  • Is the publication date appropriate for my topic?
  • Is the information suitable for my audience?

In this video tutorial, learn useful tips for determining a book or article's relevancy to your research topic.


Creating an Annotated Bibliography

Your last step is to create your annotated bibliography, with two book sources and two journal article sources.  Remember to include all of the information specified in the assignment.



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