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COSU 100 Library Assignment: Part 1: Selecting a Topic & Forming a Research Question

This guide provides resources to help you with your COSU 100 library assignment.

Library Pre-Test

Please take the Library Pre-Test.
It's located in your COSU 100 Blackboard course.

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Background Sources: Online Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

The library can help you find the right kinds of discussion partners.  One logical place to start is with a good background source such as an encyclopedia or dictionary, especially if the topic is new to you.

Assignment Part 1: Selecting a Research Topic & Forming a Research Question

The information given in this section will help you to complete the first part of your library assignment.

  1. Selecting a research topic; refining your topic; and forming a research question related to your topic.

Selecting & Refining a Research Topic; and Forming a Research Question

This video tutorial, from the library at Wilfrid Laurier University, walks you through how to develop and narrow a topic by creating a research question.  

After viewing this tutorial, you should be able to complete the Topic Chart in the "Selecting a Research Topic" section, and write your complete Research Question under "Forming a Research Question."  If you need more help, check out the resources listed in the right sidebar.


More Help: Selecting a Research Topic

A great way to come up with a research topic is simply to keep current on what's happening in your field of interest.  Try browsing news articles online to find a topic of interest.

More Help: Refining a Research Topic

Podcast- The Research Process: An Interview with Dr. Jaclyn Stanke