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CHEM 451: Chemistry Seminar Nobel Prize: Find Journal Articles by Your Nobel Laureate

Finding Research by your Nobel Laureate

1.  Select your Nobel Prize winner.

2. On read press releases and advanced information pertaining to the Nobel Laureate in order to find citations for the research that led to their prize.

  • Edwards RG, Steptoe PC, Purdy JM. Fertilization and cleavage in vitro of human oocytes matured in vivo. Nature 1970; 227:1307-1309.

3. Search for the journal that is cited by name in the Journals Tab on the library website or in the box to your right.

  • Nature

4. See if we have the year that you need in our holdings.  If so, retrieve the article.  We do not in this example.

  • Nature (London)  (0028-0836)
    from 2006 to present in Local Holdings

5. If not, request the article through Interlibrary Loan.  It takes 2-3 business days for the library to obtain the article for you, so plan your research accordingly.  There is a nominal charge of $1.00 article for this service.

Find Journals

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Tips- Searching for Journals

Search by journal title by typing it in the quick search box or search alphabetically.  When searching alphabetically, use the orange "skip navigation links" at the top of the page to navigate to the journal you need more quickly.

Finding More Work By Your Nobel Laureate

Conduct an advanced search in PubMed.  Search by author and keyword (all fields) if your author has a common name.  Your search string might look like this (((Edwards RG[Author])) AND in vitro fertilization.

Subject Guide

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