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SPAN 311, 312, 315, 316: Spanish for Medical Personnel: Videos & Multimedia

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More Films on Demand

Growing Up Hispanic: Children in Crisis

Growing Up Hispanic: Children in Crisis. Films Media Group, 2003. Films On Demand. Web. 20 June 2012. <>.

Reports from reputable medical sources reveal a statistical correlation between healthcare issues and poor academic performance in Hispanic communities nationwide. In this program, the National Council of La Raza’s Raul Yzaguirre, former Surgeon General David Satcher, the Hispanic Dental Association’s Nelson Artiga, and other experts address the pervasive health concerns—most notably dental problems and pediatric obesity—and insufficient access to healthcare that plague America’s Hispanic population, significantly undermining Latino children’s education as well as long-term well-being. Health initiatives in California, Texas, Florida, and New York are featured, along with case studies from those states. (58 minutes)

Cultural Diversity in Health Care

"Cultural Diversity in Health Care." Films On Demand. Films Media Group, 2004. Web. 25 June 2014. <>.

Reflecting the diverse nature of today’s society, a health care worker must adapt his or her practices to the cultural, ethnic, and religious needs of patients. In fact, The Joint Commission states that all industry workers must familiarize themselves with the significance of cultural differences. This program provides nurses and other health professionals with practical and effective methods of recognizing, respecting, and meeting cultural needs. Topics include conducting an initial cultural assessment, addressing food- and language-related challenges, understanding religious customs, and becoming a client advocate. Includes detailed conversations with members of specific cultural groups, including Haitian, Peruvian, Indian, Bangladeshi, and Jewish communities. (53 minutes)

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