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Group Assignment

Assignment from Dr. Lunsford:

Group Research Paper  

You will co-author an interesting 10-15 page paper related to the topic of resiliency with 2-3 students. The paper must cite evidence from 5-10 peer-reviewed articles on this topic. At least three of the articles must report an experiment and be published in the last five years. No direct quotes are allowed as you need to learn to summarize the material in your own words. Your paper must integrate the material and draw conclusions from it; DO NOT summarize the findings. Possible topics include resiliency and: youth, covid, college students, and so forth. I have prepared a series of 3 handouts in BB to help you efficiently prepare an excellent paper. Your paper should be interesting and compelling. Creativity is welcomed.

There are four due dates, which are noted in the course schedule.

  • Topic selection due Unit 6.

  • Article critiques on the empirical articles due Unit 10.

  • Detailed outline with citations and references due Unit 14.

  • Final Paper due on reconciliation day.


Note: Your grade will be weighted by the contribution assessment made by you and your teammates about your contribution (little contribution then lower grade).

An A  paper has all the elements listed below with grade percentages noted.

  • Research question guiding the paper is easily identified and correctly posed (20%)

  • Themes - what do the findings of the articles suggest relative to your research question? Please include statistical findings from the articles when available (20%)

  • Article worksheets are included for each peer reviewed article.  (20 %)

  • Analysis - what does this all mean, what do you conclude is the best answer to your research question  (20%).

  • Limitations of research are addressed (10%).

  • Paper is in the expected page range and well written (10%).