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PSYC 364: Finding Psych Articles

Two Article Types

  Empirical Studies Review Articles
Purpose Reports original research (observation or experimentation) Gather, summarize, and review information that has already been published
Method Quantitatively or qualitatively measures the relationship between two variables.

Critically evaluate important studies relevant to a research question or topic

Maybe a "literature review," "systematic review," or "meta-analysis."

  • Introduction
  • Method
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Define a problem/question
  • Summarize previous research relevant to that problem
  • Identify gaps in the literature (other areas to be explored)
Key Indicitors

"In this study..."

"We measured / tested / observed..."


"We reviewed..."

"We summarized..."


Recommended Databases

Databases are collections of articles and documents. You can use a database to find articles on your topic from a variety of journals.  These databases will help you find psychology articles.

Identifying Different Articles