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*Psychology Resource Guide: Search for Information

The Search String Toolkit

The Boolean Operators: AND, OR, and NOT

AND finds sources that mention both listed concepts.
Wikipedia AND accuracy

OR finds sources that mention either of the two concepts.
Wikipedia AND (accuracy OR reliability)

NOT excludes sources that mention a certain concept.
Wikipedia AND (accuracy OR reliability) NOT “drug information”

Other Helpful Tools:

Quotes link phrases together. Putting the phrase “drug information” in quotes searches sources with that exact phrase, instead of searching sources with the word “drug” and “information” separately.

Truncation allows you to search a word in its varying forms.  To use truncation, type the root of the word and place the truncation symbol (often an *) behind it.

Searching for accura* will include sources that use the term accurate and the term accuracy.  
Wikipedia AND (accura* OR reliab*)

Requesting Materials

Get Materials from Campbell Libraries

Request Materials from Wiggins Library to: 

  • Place an item on hold
  • Get a scan of a chapter/commentary
  • Have materials mailed to you

Get Materials Campbell Doesn't Have

  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Request print books and articles to receive them through Campbell Libraries. 
  • WorldCat: Search the world's libraries to see what books are out there on a given topic. 

Search Library Resources: OneSearch

OneSearch is a great place to start your research, as it combines most of the library's books, journal articles, and digital resources into a single search. Search OneSearch from the library website.

Go to OneSearch

Tutorial: One Search BasicsOneSearch Basics    
Tutorial: One Search AdvancedOneSearch Advanced

Databases for Scholarly Articles

Databases for sociology

Psychology Videos

Databases for Background Research

Background Research Video

Ask A Librarian

Librarians are good resources for help with research, locating information, and citations. There are plenty of ways to get in touch!

Ask a librarian for help via:

  • Consultation appointment
  • 24/7 chat
  • Online video room
  • email or phone

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