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MGMT 420 KM Leadership and Team Development: Home 23SP1

Prepared for Karen Mishra, Ph.D. by Dan Maynard


TBD Get in groups, sign up for Leadership Topic presentation

M 2/6 Library orientation

W 2/1 Group work

W 4/12 Draft Group Paper due

M 4/17 Group Presentations

W 4/19 Group Presentations (cont.)

F 4/21 Finish group paper

M 4/24 Group Presentations (cont.)

W 4/26 Last Day of Class:  Final Group Paper due


LC Subject Headings: HD57.7 Leadership

Bibliography for Dr. Mishra

Mishra, K. E. & Mishra, A. K. (2022, September 28). Intentional leadership: Becoming a trustworthy leader (2nd. ed.). Routledge. Wiggins Basement ; HD57.7 .M575 2022

Mishra, K. E. & Mishra, A. K., (2009). Trust is everything: Become the leader others will follow. Wiggins Basement ; HD57.7 .M574 2008

Guidelines for this assignment

Team Project

You will work in teams to analyze how one Fortune 500 organization pursues leadership development (or leader development) for their company. The detail for this assignment is on BB.  In addition to one five-page paper, you will present your findings at the end of the semester to the class. Five pages, excluding title page, executive summary, references page, and any tables, figures, or appendices. Five+ sources. Copy the APA Template below.


  1. Choose a company from the Fortune 500 List :
  2. Begin studying this company from the beginning of the semester as Dr. Mishra will occasionally ask what is new with your firm and how they relate to a concept we are studying (be prepared!)
    1. Do this by following them on social media
    2. Look to see if there are any CU alums who work there
    3. Set up a google alert for them
    4. Follow them in the news
  3. In groups of 4-5, investigate how this firm conducts leadership and/or leader development (which we will discuss in class and which is explained thoroughly in the textbook)
  4. In five pages (using APA), please explain:
    1. Introduce the company
    2. Introduce their corporate culture
    3. Do they use leadership development or leader development?
      1. Do you know why?
      2. Were you able to discover what is involved in this program?
      3. Do they have their own university?
    4. How does their culture influence their leader/leadership development?
    5. Does this company offer a training program for new grads?
      1. Explain what is involved in this program
    6. Overall, how would you evaluate this company and their effort to improve human and social capital?
    7. Is this a firm you would want to work for (each of you answer this)?  Why or why not?
    8. Is there anything else you want to tell me about this company?

Present Leadership Topic, Due per sign-up

To help you improve your presentation abilities, as well as learn a topic of interest to you, please come to the first day of class prepared to sign up for a topic to present (this is an assignment!). You can look through the book and find topics in each chapter or use the index at the end to find one that interests you. You will research the topic and present it to the class as the resident expert. HINT Look up the references cited in the textbook for your topic. Select the key articles that you want to use in your presentation. Update your findings by looking up articles that cite your key articles (or key authors). Make a complete list of these references in APA style. Use library materials such as OneSearch and the Scopus database to complete your assignment [see the Research Materials tab].


  1. Before the first day of class, choose a topic from the textbook that you want to teach to the class
  2. Bring that topic to class so that you can sign up for the right day to present
  3. On the day you present, you will
    1. Prepare a short powerpoint to tell us
      1. About the key term
      2. How it relates to leadership
      3. Any history about the term or the author(s) you can find
    2. You will also find one recent article about this key term and post it on Blackboard ahead of time for the class to read
      1. You will then be able to lead a discussion about your topic as you are presenting

Paper on a Leader you Admire, Due October 10


Individual Write-Up: Please research a leader whom you admire due to their ability to communicate well and inspire trust.  

In one page, tell me 
1) why you chose this leader; 
2) what evidence you have that they are a good communicator; 
3) what evidence you have that they inspire trust; 
4) anything else we need to know about this leader.  
Please use 3 sources and cite them in your work as footnotes. 

email your paper to Dr. Mishra at

Subject Guide

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ACRL Frameworks: Authority Is Constructed and Contextual; Scholarship as Conversation; Information Has Value; Information Creation as a Process; Research as Inquiry; Searching as Strategic Exploration.