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MGMT 420 DH Leadership and Team Development: Final Exam Research Project

Created for Dr. Dwight Hines by Dan Maynard

Guidlines for the Final Exam Research Project

1.Your Final Exam requires each Team to select a corporation and industry (tech, big pharma, manufacturing...etc.) that plans to merge with a company located in one of the countries listed below. Each team's Country has been assigned.

Team 1:  Brazil  

Team 2: India

Team 3: China

Team 4: Germany

Team 5: Russia

2. Using Geert Hofsted model only (studied in Chapter 7), identify and discuss the cultural differences that will present challenges to doing business in that country and how your team will overcome those challenges. Also, identify and discuss the similarities that will contribute to your successful merger.

3. Write a 5 to 7-page research paper using APA 7th ed. Paper must contain, at least, 7 references (works cited) and cover-page.

4. Submit a Power-point presentation summarizing your research.  No more than 10 slides.

5. Use the assigned librarian to assist with research. See attached studies to assist.

6. Select one team member to submit the assignment.

7. All team members must complete the peer evaluation and email to instructor.

Resources for the Final Exam Reserch Project

The sources below include background material about Hofsted's model. The link labeled COMPARE COUNTRIES takes you to the interactive section of the Hofstede Insights website.

The box labeled 'Other sources for your Research Paper' in the right-hand colum contains article databases from the Wiggins Library collection.

Make a copy of the APA Template and use it for your group research paper (top box in right-hand column).

Websites about Geert Hofstede's Dimensions

GLOBE Project

Use this APA Template for this Research Paper

Use the "APA Style" page for assistance with APA style documentation.

Other sources for your research paper

Subject Guide

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