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MGMT 320 MO Principles of Management: Your Major Project

Prepared for Dr. Michelle F. Osborne by Dan Maynard


Class meets T-TR 2:00-3:20 p.m. LFSB Rm 122

TBD Students are assigned to teams. The tream selects a company and submits the company name to Dr. Osborne for her approval.  Begin research! 

WK TBD Library Orientation to your Research Project

WK 13 T 4/2 CSR DRAFT DUE TO Mr. Maynard by end of day (Upload as a Blackboard assignment)

WK 15 T 4/16 CSR Review / Final CSR Paper Due EOD to Dr. Osborne (Upload as Blackboard Assignment)


Videos - Getting Started

Bibliography for Dr. Osborne

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Recommended by Dr. Osborne:

Salkind, N. J. (2019). Statistics for People (that think) they hate statistics (7th ed) Wiggins Basement ; HA29 .S2365 2020

Berman, K. (2013).Financial Intelligence: A Manager's Guide to Knowing What the Numbers Really Mean (revised ed.). Harvard Business Review Press Wiggins Basement ; HG4028.B2 B422 2013


Guidelines for this assignment

Major Project: Case Study as final Research Paper and Presentation

Students will be assigned to a team. The group will select a company and analyze its ethical behavior with Carroll’s social responsibility pyramid found on page 100 of the textbook. The in-class case studies will demonstrate the research paper objectives. Students will need to quickly choose and have their company approved by the professor to immediately start compiling research information. See Appendix A for detailed information about the content of your analysis.

This research paper and PowerPoint presentation will be due near the end of the semester. The paper will be required to follow APA format with a minimum of 10 references. The paper should be a minimum of 10-15pages (i.e., calculations, graphs, etc. should be included as appendices and do not count toward the 10-15 page count). The paper is expected to be in the general format discussed in Appendix A.

Students are expected to research their topic through the appropriate channels: library, getting information from companies, various on-line sources, etc. Dan Maynard will be assisting with this project; thus, students are encouraged to adhere to his instruction.

The research paper assignment counts 200 points or 20% toward your final grade. Note, the exclusion of any major component will result in point deductions as itemized in Appendix A

PowerPoint Presentation of the Final Project: Case Study

Each student will load a PowerPoint presentation of the results of his or her (see above).

Guidelines for and Frequently Asked Questions about the presentation:

  • When is the presentation due? Last few weeks of our class. You should prepare slides to present the main issues.
  • What key information should you cover in your presentation? • Cursory overview of your case study. • Results of your analysis. • Your final thoughts on the research results and its application to good risk management principles.

Please format your paper in APA style: DOWNLOAD AND USE the CSR Template for APA Team Paper provided below. 

Core Literature and Foundational Readings

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Dan Maynard
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Scope note

ACRL Framework - WML Information Fluency Plan: 1. Conversation **, 2. Value *, 3. Authority, 4. Process*, 5. Inquiry, 6. Exploration ***