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MGMT 320 Principles of Management KM: Your Spring 2021 Group Research Project

Guide prepared for Karen Mishra, Ph.D. by Dan Maynard

Schedule for Spring 2021

Form groups Select your company from the Best Global Brands Rankings list. 

Choose company for Group Paper

M 1-25 Library Orientation & Begin work on Team CSR Paper in class

W 2-10 Begin to work on Team CRS Paper in class

M 3-1 Continue work on Team CRS Paper in class

M 3-22 CSR DRAFT DUE TO Mr Maynard by end of day (Upload as a Blackboard assignment)

M 4-5 Work on CSR Paper/presentation

W 4-7 CSR Presentations

M 4-12 CSR Presentations

W 4-14 CSR Presentations

W 4-21 Last Day of Class: Final CSR Paper Due to Dr. Mishra (Upload as Blackboard Assignment) and CSR Presentations

Bibliography - Ethical Companies?

Guidelines for this assignment


Your Team Paper/Presentation Assignment: You will work in teams to analyze the ethical behavior of one organization using the CSR pyramid. The detail for this assignment is on BB. When your team presents at the end of the semester, to be safe, choose ONE person to present on behalf of your team. I expect that the entire team will help prepare the presentation.

Using the Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility, prepare a 10-minute group PowerPoint presentations and a three-page paper about one company’s efforts to be a Socially Responsible Corporate Citizen. References: use/list 5 sources (one can be the company website).

Your paper must include three (3) of pages of text, plus: a title page; an executive summary; and a references page. Include tables, figures, and appendices as needed. Format your paper in APA style using the template provided below. Since your paper should inform your presentation, the headings provided on the template are mapped over from Dr. Mishra's PDF slides titled “320 CSR Group Paper/Presentation.” 

The CSR Team Paper is 25% of your final grade.

QUICK START: Research Materials

Below are four good places to start your research. Be sure to also look through the tabs on this Guide, the company website, and other locations for additional materials.