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MBA 790 Strategic Management “Live Case Seminar”: Home Summer 2021

Developed for Dr. Mostashari & Dr. Seibert by Dan Maynard

Getting Started

Dr. Seibert and Dr. Mostashari are planning to host virtual “Check in” Zoom meetings every Wednesday,  from 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. We are looking forward to meeting with at least one person form each team (the more the merrier!).

Plus 30 Minute Group meeting with instructors every other week, as needed.


Group Written Report assignments

This assignment is based on building and polishing a professional deliverable by editing a series of drafts. Use this work to inform your interactions with your professors, your SBTDC advisor, and your client.

WK 1: Orientation, download the APA Template for your Written Report.

WK 5: APA Written Report Outline upload: 1. The Written Report outlined as provided on the APA Template, to include: a completed Title Page; Executive Summary (label, no content); body with Labels and Headings; a References page (label, content as needed); Figure 1 and Figure 2 (no content); followed by these completed appendices: Appendix A, Resumes; Appendix B, Scope Letter; and Appendix C, Time Log [to-date]. 2. You may also include, based on your current work, a draft of the Description of Business section, including the Business Description, Mission Statement, and Business Goals and Objectives subsections  (include text with In-text Citations and References). [25 points] Due 8:00 PM, Saturday 7/24.  Upload to Bb in MS Word only, other formats will not be scored. 

WK 6: APA Written Report Draft upload: To include: Your revised and updated Written Report based on feedback from the WK 5 Outline Assignment and your current work (include text with In-text Citations, References, Table notes, Figure notes, and Appendices). [50 points]. Due 8:00 PM Saturday 7/31.  Upload to Bb in MS Word only, other formats will not be scored. One upload allowed.

WK 7: APA Written Report Final upload: To include: A revised and updated Written Report based on feedback from the WK 6 Draft Assignment and your current work (include a completed Executive Summary). [75 points] Due 8:00 PM, Saturday 8/7.

Guidelines for this assignment

WK 4 Recap of Group Meetings

Dr. Mostashari, Dan Maynard and I [Dr. Seibert] held Week #4 Appointment meetings with all ten teams this week. We've provided a summary of the "take-aways" and "next steps" for you to be successful in this course. [20210713-15]

  1. Establish a collaborative relationship with your client. This requires frequent meetings with your client--a weekly meeting would be ideal. Some of the teams have only met once during the entry and contracting meeting. This is not good.
  2. Establish a collaborative meeting with your SBTDC Advisor. Most of the teams have not met with their SBTDC Advisor yet, and we are finishing up week #4--this is not good. Your SBTDC Advisor may know important information about your client's business, as well as your client's management style, strengths and weaknesses. 
  3. Complete the NxLeveL worksheet introduced on week #2. This provides a foundation for understanding goals, objectives, mission, industry and the business fit with the industry. The better you do this task, the better your "graded" paper will be--we are looking for thorough written reports.
  4. Utilize the AWMP survey to analyze strengths and identify possible opportunities for improvement. You can use this to identify and prioritize areas for continuing your primary and secondary research efforts. We have received 9 out of 10 AWMP survey thus far.
  5. I have make a request to the SBTDC Advisors for ProfitCents reports on your clients. We have received 2 out of 10 thus far. You may bring this up with your SBTDC Advisor during your meeting.
  6. DO THE WORK. We observed a few team to be on top of these tasks and assignments, but a fair number of teams are behind and will have to make up ground in order to be successful in weeks #6, #7 and #8.



  1. Stay on schedule—don’t deviate. Your grade is tied to completing the tasks on time. 
  2. The purpose of the entry and contracting meeting is to review the scope letter.
  3. Discovery and dialogue begins after the entry and contracting meeting. 
  4. You can invite your SBTDC Advisor to join the contracting meeting, but it’s not a requirement. 
  5. Your SBTDC Advisor is responsible for getting you the Baldrige and ProfitCents information.
  6. It’s your responsibility to review that as part of the SWOT analysis that you will review with your SBTDC Advisor in week #5. 

Dan's office hours

M-TR 8:00am - 10:30am at the Wiggins Library Reference Desk, first floor (and via "Chat" from the "Ask a Librarian" icon on the Wiggins Memorial Library homepage).

Hours subject to change. Other hours available by appointment (contact me by email)

Subject Guide

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Dan Maynard
Wiggins Memorial Library

Scope Note

MBA 790 MC01 21SU2 (39) SLO1 Create professional and effective written documents. Measurement: Students will write an APA style final written report. Written Report Student teams will prepare a written report-outline in week #5; draft in week #6 and final in week #7 to be shared with the faculty only (not the client). The written report-final should not exceed 15 pages, exclusive of attachments and exhibits. Refer to Blackboard for the MBA 790 Writing Rubric.

Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. (2015). Are we making progress [Survey]? National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce.

Small Business Technology Development Center, North Carolina State University. (date of report). Performance review (for the period ended mm/dd/yyyy) [Financial analysis for XYZ Co.]. ProfitCents.