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HSEC 300: Research and Writing for HSEC: Starting the Proposal

The purpose of this guide is to highlight resources that can assist students with the research needed for this class.

Background Research

This is a link to the Background Research tutorial video available at

These sources are for background research.  You don't want to use them as sources in your paper, but rather as a way to get information about the background of your topic.  These sources can help you figure out good search terms and areas to search for information.

Useful Homeland Security Databases

Search Library Resources: OneSearch

OneSearch is a great place to start your research, as it combines most of the library's books, journal articles, and digital resources into a single search. Search OneSearch from the library website.

Go to OneSearch

Tutorial: One Search BasicsOneSearch Basics    
Tutorial: One Search AdvancedOneSearch Advanced

Statistical Sources

These sources are good places to go to find statistical information on a variety of topics.

Useful Cybersecurity Databases

One of your friendly librarians