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eBooks: The platforms we have and their features: General Information

This guide shows the various eBook platforms that Campbell subscribes to and the features that each have.

Features to look for

  • How to cite the book
  • Printing
  • Downloading
  • Highlighting
  • Place to save frequently used books (Bookshelf)
  • Annotating
  • Bookmarks
  • Dictionary
  • Export to Refworks

The goal for this research guide

eBooks are books that are available in an electronic format.  We've made a tutorial that gives a general overview about eBooks that you can watch at As a quick overview Campbell subscribes to many different services that provide eBooks to the University.  Each service as features that are similar, and some features that are unique to that provider.  This research guide is going to look in depth at the various services and point out what the features are, and how to use them to make your life easier.


Printing eBooks is one of the most frequent questions that we get.  Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question.

Each eBook in our collection is subject to a licensing agreement from the books publisher.  Each publisher has a different requirement about printing, some will let you print 100 pages, some will let you print a chapter, some will let you print the whole book, and others won't let you print at all.  The amount of printing that is permitted varies title by title.  This research guide will show you where to look in each provider to find out how much you can print.

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