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Medical Research Guide

Research Process Guide


Writing Tips

  • Do you hate writing? Start early! That way you only have to be at it a short time before you can safely take a break.
  • For the first draft, just get the information written. Don't worry about grammar, punctuation, or other mechanics until the second draft; just get the content down and edit later.
  • Do you struggle with outlining? Try writing each separate concept or fact you want to include on index cards and rearrange them until they make sense to you--THEN create your outline.
  • Consider writing the body of your paper first, and then the introduction. You will be much more familiar with your content and writing the introduction may come easier.
  • As Shakespeare said, "Brevity is the soul of wit." Don't use fifteen words if ten will do.

Editing & Proofreading Tips

  • Try to leave your draft overnight and proofread the next day.
  • Read your draft backwards, starting from the last sentence and working up to the top. This will help you catch errors you might miss since you are so familiar with your work by the time you are finished writing.
  • Read your draft (or at least troublesome portions) out loud, preferably to someone else. If it sounds strange to you, chances are the section needs editing or clarification.