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2016 Symposium Schedule: Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

Dr. Karen Guzman's students present their work entitled, "Modeling of Biological Macromolecules Involved in Nuclear Protein Transport" at the 2015 Symposium.  Student presenters include Nehemiah Allen, Morgan Barnes, Sarah Bizzell, Nicole Griffin, Sharidan Hill, Cameron Howell, Najla Kawas, Emily Linton, Julianne Nance, Juli Osborne, Morgan Packer, Prantha Raval, Travis Rhea, and Sarah Ryals 

Poster Presentations and Reception

The Poster Presentations & Art Displays will take place throughout the second floor of the library from 4:00pm- 5:30pm on March 22nd.  Join us for a floating reception at this time while you enjoy the presentations.

9:00 am to 4:00 pm Oral Presentations/Performances
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Posters/Art Exhibits/Reception
5:30 pm to 6:00 pm Closing Awards Ceremony

Poster Presentations

Student Presenter(s) Presentation Title Faculty Mentor Discipline
Adam Atik
Rasheda Boachie
Gabriel Haire
Rebekah Hall
Nicole Hernandez
Elizabeth Hill
Cameron Howell

Gloribel Vanegas
Meghan Worthington
Molecular Modeling Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Autumn Bass A Simplified Method to Create Transgenic Zebrafish and Drosophila using Electroporation Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Krysti Byrd Understanding Inflammation in Muscle Cells in Culture Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
David Creasman Investigating the Interactions of SR-A, TLR3, and TLR4 Receptors and the Impact on Cytokine Production Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Miriam Firth** Dangers of Light at Night Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Miriam Firth
Mark Jones
Atalee Moore
The Impact of Melatonin on Zebrafish Reproductive Success Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Miranda Griffin
Sarah Ryals
The Impact of Sweeteners on Zebrafish Development Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Sharidan Hill** Does the Protégé Effect Occur in Students Teaching with Molecular Models? Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Maisoon Qassem** Zebrafish as a Model for Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Karen Guzman Biology
Stacie Williams Preliminary Vascular Flora of Keith Hills Golf Course Dr. Christopher Havran Biology
Emily Linton DNA Hybridization Studies and Phenotypic Characterizations of Carbon Source Usage of the Kistimonas Species Dr. Michelle Thomas Biology
Anna Muesing
JoHonna Alcon
Sarah Anne Barton
Travis Breese
Karen Best
Ben Knapp
Monelle Shuman
Marcus Thompson
Mason Simpson
Kourtnei Willliams
Breaking Barriers: Non-Profit Models for Solving Health Disparities in Rural North Carolina Dr. Boris Abbey Business
Stephen Gibson Jr Natural Radioisotope Identification in the Local Environment Dr. Jason Ezell Chemistry
Josh Goheen Mass Spectrometer based C-14 Dating of Indigenous Artifacts Dr. Jason Ezell Chemistry
Brittany Bowers
Hannah Clause
Synthesis of substituted pyridines via cyclization of varied methyl ketones with DMSO Dr. Sarah Goforth Chemistry
Joshua Holmes
Joseph Stabile
Sara Valanejad 
Existing Trends in Human Papillomavirus for Male Adolescents for the year 2011 to the following years 2012-2013 Dr. Charles Carter Clinical Research

Tyler Cahoon
Kevin Jarvis
Andrew Wright

Pertussis Vaccination among Adolescents in the National Immunization Survey- Teen 2008-2013 Dr. Charles Carter Clinical Research
Edward Hicks
Mark Luke
Gender Disparities in Screening for High Cholesterol in Young Adults in the United States, 2007-2012 Dr. Timothy Hinson Clinical Research
Kristopher Kindborg
Ashley Tinney
Providing Diet/Nutrition Education in Patients Prescribed Statins Dr. Timothy Hinson Clinical Research
Kristen Castro
Kaitlyn Corey
Diana Raymond
An Evaluation of the Prevalence of Gout and Predictors of Gout in the United States for the years 2007 to 2010 Dr. Melissa Holland Clinical Research
Christopher Demitraszek
Daniel McClure
Mary-Russell Wagstaff
Impact of the JUPITER trial on US statin prescribing after 2008 for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adults 18 years or greater Dr. Melissa Holland Clinical Research
Claire Carrington
Sita Chandra
Courtney Davis
Katlyn Peedin
Health Literacy for Children Dr. Jessica Knapp Communication Studies
Megan Avery Assessment of Breakfast and Physical Activity Habits in College Students Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Sarah Hackney
Nathan Norris
The Impact of Altered Visual Input and Auditory Stimulations on Balance and Postural Stability Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Nicole Hernandez
Madison Sandeford
Compared Analysis of Muscle Activation During Piston Resistance Training and Free-Weight Training Dr. Jennifer Bunn Exercise Science
Rae Freeman Exertional Rhabdomyolysis in a High School Football Player Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Jordan Mullins Failed Accessory Navicular Resection in a Female Collegiate Soccer Player  Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Mary Catherine Murphy  Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome in Active Male Dr. Sarah Christie  Exercise Science
Zakiya Overton Diverticulitis in a Retired Naval Senior Chief Officer: A Case Report Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Marisa Warren Postural Orthostatic Hypotension in a Division I Women's Lacrosse Athlete Dr. Sarah Christie Exercise Science
Victor Appau
​Katie Haga
Angeline Modesti
Priya Shah
Collision Tumor: Bilateral Ovarian Teratomas with a Surface Epithelial Tumor Dr. Bonnie Brenseke Osteopathic Medicine
Courtney Moore
Hayden Wisely
Microscopic Investigation of Tattoo Pigment Distribution Within the Dermis Dr. Bonnie Brenseke Osteopathic Medicine
Johnny Jaber Ultrasonography Facilitates Active Learning of Anatomy Dr. Gregory Christiansen Osteopathic Medicine

Michael Hong
Jillian Rau
Shannon Rodgers

Two Cadavers with Right Retroesophageal Subclavian Arteries and a New Type of Non-Recurrent Inferior Laryngeal Nerve Dr. Bruce Newton Osteopathic Medicine
Megan Kauffman Innovative Bioluminometric Quantification of Cancer Cell Load in Target Organs: Implications for Studying Anticancer Drugs Dr. Hong Zhu Osteopathic Medicine
Monika Gavireddi Solubilizing Nifedipine by Formulating Spray-Dried Solid Dispersions with PEG 1450/HPMCAS-HF Dr. Rahul Haware Pharmaceutical Sciences
Kylie McCullough Evaluation of Antibiotic Selection for Inpatient Treatment of Diabetic Foot Infections at a Community Hospital Dr. Catherine Lewis Pharmacy
Ting Ye Association of Corticosteroid Dose and Outcomes in the Treatment of Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in a Community Hospital  Dr. Catherine Lewis Pharmacy
Soumyadeep Sarkar Role of NQO1 and Mitochondria in the Redox Activation of Quinoid Anticancer Agent in Human Lung Carcinoma and Colorectal Carcinoma Cells Dr. Yunbo Li Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pruthvi Shah Sample Preparation and LC-MS quantification of progesterone in cell culture media Dr. Qinfeng "Sarah" Liu Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sara Carlisle Type of Medication-Related Problems and Pharmacy Personnel Need Identified Through Pharmacist-Conducted Medication Reconciliation at Older Adult Hospital Follow-Up Visits Dr. Ann Marie Nye Pharmacy
Pruthvi Shah
Saroja Praneetha Punyamurtula
Comparison study of Franz Cell and Immersion Cell diffusion of 1% hydrocortisone cream Dr. Daniel Shin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Joey Wadsworth The chiral analytical method development and validation of Omeprazole and Esomeprazole by liquid chromatography Dr. Daniel Shin Pharmaceutical Sciences
Chastity Ford
Mary Keeler
Alexis Oliveira
Differences in EEG Patterns Between Concussed and Non-concussed College Students Dr. Jutta Street Psychology

**Walter C. Barge Honors Program Participant