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Research Crash Course

This guide contains the research crash course modules that the library created.

Research Crash Course Overview

The Research Crash Course may be used in two ways.

  1. Faculty may assign these short units to their students to supplement their research related instruction. 
  2. Students may view them at their own pace to improve their own research habits.

If you have any suggestions for other modules please let me know. Ron Epps:

1. Library of Congress Call Numbers

2. Plagiarism (Goblin threat plagiarism game)

3. Publication Cycle

4. Background Research

5. Interlibrary Loan

6. Peer Review

7. How to find a book on the shelves

8. Finding Literary Criticism in EBSCO Databases

9. Finding Literary Criticism in Literature Online

10. Learn to Use RefWorks in Twenty Minutes

11. What is a Database

12. MLA Style

13. Relevancy: How to Determine if Information You Find is Going to be Useful

15. Factitious

16. Research Podcast

If you want more information about research in addition to these podcasts read The Craft of Research at Q180.55.M4 B66 2016 (Wiggins Basement).  The book is also available in an ebook format that you can reach by clicking here.

17. OneSearch Basics

18. OneSearch Advanced

19. Finding Book Reviews