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Medical Educator's Resource Guide: Information for New Employees

This guide is designed to help new medical educators plan lessons and improve their teaching skills

How do I put money on my ID card?

Your university ID card can be loaded with funds so you can use your card to purchase things like food and coffee.  To put funds (also known as "creek bucks" )  on your card, use the link below and put in the same information you use to access your email.  Once you log in, you will be prompted through the process of putting funds on your card.

Add $ to Your ID Card


How do I know if my textbook is available as an e-book?

Books that are in the following databases are licensed for  unlimited  educational use by Campbell University students and faculty.  This means that multiple students can use the book simultaneously.  

Remember:  When assigning readings out of ebooks, remember to name the specific sections that should be read because ebooks do not have page numbers.

Clinical Key

Access Medicine

Thieme Book Library

Forgot your password?

Campbell University Password Manager

CUSOM IT Support:   ext 4958

University Helpdesk   ext 1208

Campus Emergency Alert System

To receive emergency alerts on your cell phone, log into Blackboard using the same credentials you use for your email (aka your WebAccess ID).  Scroll down a little, and then complete the information under Emergency Alert Sign Up.

Can I check books out of the medical library?

Faculty working in the Leon Levine Hall of Medical Science may check out up to three books at a time for up to three consecutive days using a Campbell ID card.  These books should be used in the Leon Levine building and promptly returned.

If student demand is high for a particular book, library may decline to check the book out to a faculty member and will work to find a compromise to accomodate the faculty member's need.

Don't see what you need here?

We're happy to help you figure out who to call -- even if your question is not library-related!  Just email the medical library or  call the medical library (910-893-7700) or ext 7700.

Link to the CUSOM Intranet

The CUSOM Intranet includes an event calendar and general information  for students, faculty and staff.  It also includes an event calendar.  Contact the medical library if you need the password.


How do I know what is going on in the building?

  1. Go to the CUSOM intranet.
  2. Under Campus Life, click Calendars
  3. Click Levine Hall Events Calendar

How do I reserve a meeting room?

Finding an Available Room

  1. In your Outlook calendar, click Home on the ribbon at the top.
  2. Click Open Calendar 
  3. Click Room List
  4. Select the room you want (the rooms most often used for meetings are 186, 200 and 400.  The Admissions Conference Room (106) might be available, but check with Stephanie Goral) to see when the room is available.

To Reserve a Room

  1. Go into the CUSOM Intranet (If you don't know the passwords, call the medical library @ 7700  or email Jane or Sarah
  2. Under Campus Life, click Calendars
  3. Select the room you hope to reserve.
  4. Complete and submit the form.

If your request is approved, you will usually be notified via email.