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ENGL 453 Methods in Teaching English: Books and Media

With Resources for Teaching Adolescent Literature


You will find relevant DVD titles to assist you with planning your lessons.

YA Book Lists

Tim Burton's, Vincent

A fun way to introduce gothic poetry and/or literature.  Tim Burton offers other gothic films that can be paired with traditional gothic texts your students may study in the classroom:

  • Edward Scissorhands
  • The Corpse Bride
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

Featured Titles

LC Classification for Education

    Juvenile non-fiction titles are located in classes within the topic of their regular subject heading class from A (general works) to Z (bibliography). Below is a quick guide resource for popular subject headings for children’s literature which will lead to educated browsing of the CMMC collection.



    Subject Heading



    Language and Literature



    English Language


    PE 1155

    PE 1628

    Alphabet Books

    Juvenile Dictionaries



    Liteature (General)



    PN 6371

    PN 6727-6790



    Comic books/Graphic novels



    English Literature



    American Literature



    Fiction and Juvenile


    PZ 5



    PZ 6

    Early to 1860/1870


    PZ 7

    General Juvenile Fiction Alphabetical by author last name



    PZ 7.7

    More graphic novels


    PZ 8

    Fairy tales


    PZ 8.1

    Folklore, Legends, Romance


    PZ 8.2



    PZ 8.3

    Stories in Rhyme


    PZ 10.3

    Animal Stories


    PZ 73-78

    Languages: Spanish

    For research resources browse or search the following subject headings in the CMMC or in the basement of Wiggins Memorial Library:

    Call Number Range



      Education (General)


      History of education


      Theory and practice of education


      Special aspects of education


      Individual institutions


      Student fraternities and societies, United States




      Free Books

      Seven Places to Find Free eBooks Every year schools around the world spend thousands of dollars on textbooks that are often outdated by the end of their first year in the classroom. Ebooks, many of them free, can represent huge savings for schools over purchasing textbooks. Here are seven places that you can find free ebooks.

      1.. Planet eBook is a free service where teachers and students can find classic literature titles available as free downloads. Planet eBook adds new titles at regular intervals. Subscribe to the Planet eBook blog or newsletter to keep track of the latest additions to the collection. For browsing purposes, Planet eBook offers previews of titles through the Issuu pdf publishing service. Using the previews students can get an overview of a title without committing to downloading the entire ebook.

      2.  E-Books Directory contains nearly 1700 titles. The E-Books Directory provides freely downloadable textbooks, documents, and lecture notes. You can search the directory by keyword or browse through hundreds of categories.

      3. Science Books Online is a directory of free ebooks for all areas of science. The books range from small PDF pamphlets to full-length texts made available in electronic form for free. Most of the materials have to be downloaded in order to be viewed but there are some materials that you can view directly within your browser.

      4. Free Book-s is a search engine that scans many collections of ebooks to find free content that matches your search. I gave Free Book-s a test drive using academic terms like "physics" and terms like "fly fishing" to see what kids of results would be generated. In both cases I found Free Book-s returned very relevant results.

      5. BookServer is a search engine for finding, borrowing, downloading, and purchasing books in digital form. A search on BookServer will yield results listing both free ebooks and ebooks for sale.

      6.  Flat World Knowledge provides free textbooks created by experts in various academic fields. A quick look at the "find my class" section of Flat World Knowledge reveals that these textbooks are being used in few dozen colleges across the United States.

      7.  Google Books hosts thousands of books that are in the public domain. Many of the public domain books can be viewed and downloaded in their entirety for free. To find public domain books go into the advanced search options and select the "public domain only" and "full text" options to find free full-length books.

      Info provided from

      Ask a Librarian

      If you need assistance finding or using these resources, please contact the Research Assistance Desk:

      Phone: (910)893-1467


      Skype: Campbell Libraries



      When we don't have it...


      Resources not owned by the Campbell University Libraries can be borrowed from other libraries through ILLiad, an interlibrary loan (ILL) system available to Campbell faculty, staff, and students as an aid to research and study. Request it through our Interlibrary Loan service and we will borrow it from another library.  This service is free of cost.  Please allow up to 4-5 days for book requests, and 2-3 days for articles.

      Check out this online tutorial to learn how to use ILLiad.