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ENGL 453 Methods in Teaching English: Multicultural Books

With Resources for Teaching Adolescent Literature

"Mirrors and Windows"

The Importance of Multicultural Literature
• It allows students to see themselves in their texts.
• It allows everyone to learn about people all over the world.
• It encourages respect and empathy of all peoples.
• It expands understanding of history and geography.
• It provides daily discussion on diversity and current events.
• It promotes self-esteem and self acceptance.
• It helps create a school of global learners and leaders.

Steiner, Stanley F. Promoting a Global Community Through Multicultural Children's Literature. Englewood, Colo: Libraries Unlimited, 2001. Print. 

Where to Find Diverse Books

NCTE African American Read In

Carolina Naviagtors Culture Kits

Selection Procedures and Challenge Procedures for Select Counties/Schools

Audio Books Database