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ENGL 417: Modern/Contemporary Poetry: Further Reading

Bibliography for Modern/Contemporary Poetry

Our library does not have a copy of the books listed here, but you may request them through Interlibrary Loan.

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WorldCat via FirstSearch
OCLC catalog of books, web resources, and other material worldwide.

Ayers, David. Modernism: A Short Introduction. 

Blessington, Francis C., and Guy Rotella, eds.  The Motive for Metaphor:  Essays on Modern Poetry. 

Bloom, Harold, ed.  Contemporary Poets.  New Edition, 2010. 

Bradbury, Malcolm and James MacFarlane, eds.  Modernism 1890-1930  

Brooks, Cleanth.  Modern Poetry and the Tradition 

Fredman, Stephen.  A Concise Companion to Twentieth-Century American Poetry.

Gelpi, Albert.  A Coherent Splendor: The American Poetic Renaissance, 1910-1950.

Gioia, Dana. David Mason, and Meg Schoerke, ed. Twentieth-Century American Poetry

Goodwin, K.L.  The Influence of Ezra Pound

Gray, Richard.  American Poetry of the Twentieth Century

Grimshaw, James A., Jr. Understanding Robert Penn Warren, 2001.

Haralson, Eric L., ed.  Encyclopedia of American Poetry; The Twentieth Century

Hoffman, Frederick.  The 20's:  America Writing in the Postwar Decade

Hoffman, Michael J., and Patrick D. Murphy.  eds.  Critical Essays on American Modernism

Hughes,  Glenn.  Imagism and the Imagist:  A Study in Modern Poetry

Hynes, Samuel.  The Auden Generation:  Literature and Politics of England in the 1930's

Langbaum, Robert.  The Modern Spirit:  Essays on the Continuity of Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Literature

MacGowan, Christopher.  Twentieth-Century American Poetry

Martin, Graham, and P. N. Furbank, eds.  Twentieth-Century Poetry:  Critical Essays and Documents

McDiarmid, Lucy.  Saving Civilization:  Yeats, Eliot and Auden Between the Wars

Morrison, Blake.  The Movement:  English Poetry and Fiction of the 1950s

North, Michael.  The Dialect of Modernism: Race, Language, and Twentieth-Century Literature

O’Conner, William Van.  Sense and Sensibility in Modern Poetry

Perloff, Marjorie.  21st- Century Modernism: The New Poetics

Rosenthal, M.L.  The New Poets:  American and British Poetry Since WW II

Schwartz, Daniel.  Reconfiguring Modernism: Explorations between Modern Art and Modern Literature

Singal, Daniel, ed.  Modernist Culture in America

Tuma, Keith.  Fishing by Obstinate Isles: Modern and Postmodern British Poetry and American Readers

Vendler, Helem.  Last Looks, Last Books: Stevens, Plath, Lowell, Bishop, Merrill

Williams, John.  Twentieth-Century British Poetry

Woods, Tim.  The Poetics of the Limit: Ethics and Politics in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry

Recommended Books in Wiggins Memorial Library