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ECON 451 SM Essentials of Global Trade and Finance: Home

Built for Dr. Shariar Mostashari by Dan Maynard


APA Template

Guidelines for the Case Study

Region Specific Case Study Research Paper & Group Presentation (100 points/10% of your final grade). The region for this semester is South America. Select one of these sovereign countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay. Note: You may not select French Guiana (France).

This is a five page paper, plus a title page, an executive summary, references page, tables of major economic indicators, and a figure a figure comprised of a map of your country showing its contiguous neighbors. Do not include tables and figures in the text.

The background material and the content of your table of major economic indicators should be based on the recommended sources identified and described in the LibGuide.

The text of your paper should use the recommended sources, supplemented with your assigned readings, the classroom lectures and discussions, and your own thoughts.

Format your paper in APA style using the template provided in the LibGuide. Format your paper, and document your sources in APA style based on the APA Publication Manual (7th edition). Copies of the Publication Manual are available at most academic libraries and public lbraries. Guidance on APA style is also provided in the LibGuide.

Your Group Presentation should be informed by your Case Study Research Paper. For example, groups will often present slides using charts constructed from the data in their tables to illustrate a point.



Adapted from World Factbook