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MBA 701 The Innovation Imperative: Home

Prepared for Dr. Kevin O'Mara by Dan Maynard

Guidelines for this assignment


The Bob Barker Company is developing one of their latest innovative products.  They are currently working with NC State’s engineering program on a new kitchen cart (other possible projects include razors, shoes, mattresses, and others).  They would like to combine the two university’s projects to have a full project (NC State does the engineering of a new design and we do the business model/justification side).  Our class is based around, what else, Design Thinking so we will do our own version of a cart.  However, we will focus a good deal on the marketplace side so we can deliver to the Bob Barker Company what they are hoping to receive. 


"Bob Barker Company, Inc.  ... offer[s] the largest inventory of detention and institutional supplies in the country to federal, state, and local government agencies and selected businesses." Product areas include: Health/Personal Care, Clothing & Accessories, Footwear, Recreation, Mattress/Bedding, Home Textile, Janitorial, Food Services, Security Equipment & Supplies, Furnishing, Technology & Electronics, Logistics, Services. (website)


Part of this endeavor is to provide industry level data on the correctional industry, as well as any other sources of industry information about this industry. 


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