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BADM 236 KM Business Communications and Critical Thinking: Home

Produced with Karen Mishra, Ph.D. new Spring 2019

Key Rules and Formats for this assignment


M February 6  Library orientation

M April 17  Draft Group Paper due

W April 19 Work on Group presentation/paper

F April 21 Group presentations

M April 24 Group presentations

W April 26 Final Group Paper due

Core Documents for this assignment

Guidelines for this assignment

GROUP PROJECT: Use Design Thinking to conduct a Communications Audit of a Fortune 500 Company

Critique the Communication Channels/Messages of a Global Brand: What’s missing?

Pick your global brand from the Interbrand Best Global Brands List below

  1. What is this brands overall message?
  2. What are the primary channels used by this brand?
  3. Which stakeholders are they missing with this message and the channels they have chosen?
  4. What message are they missing?
  5. What story would you tell?
    1. Who are your key stakeholders?
    2. What are their needs?
    3. What is your big idea?
    4. What other channels would you use to tell the story?
    5. What other creative ideas would you use in your story telling?
    6. Give us an example in one slide (show slide in an Appendix)

Use five sources to cite your work

  1. InterBrand
  2. Corporate website
  3. three of your choice (NOT corporate sites)

Download the Group Project APA Template below

Subject Guide

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