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BADM 221 Business Law I BP: Your Library Research Assignments

Prepared for Bonnie J. Peter, J.D. by Dan Maynard


BADM 221 OL20 21SU1

Professor Peter's recomended APA Guide


WK 1 Foreign Corrupt Practices Act assignment

WK 8 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Discussion board assignment


WK 1 Assignment

Sam Salesman really wants to land a large contract with a foreign government.  To "assist" in the negotiations, Sam invites -- and pays for --- the foreign government official who will be making the decision to whom to award the contract, as well as his extended family of 16, to Disney World for a week.  After all, negotiations in the sunny Florida atmosphere are often more productive.  Has Sam violated the federal law known as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?  Include in your answer the possible punishment for both Sam and his company. (This is an important federal law that addresses both ethical and criminal conduct, and a good manager needs to "know about it" to avoid significant problems.  For this question you will need to "google" the topic or use your Campbell Library to gather some of the important details --- like who can go to jail.)

WK 8 Discussion board assignment

Go back to Chapter 5 and take a look at the information about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):  This assignment is about CSR and corporations being "good citizens."  Take a look at the list of the World's Most Ethical Companies.  Select one of the companies.  Go to the company's official site for the purpose of finding the types of socially responsible activities the company is pursuing.  Then go to the Week 8 Forum on the Discussion Board.  Start a thread and post some examples of the socially responsible projects the company is undertaking.  Share your thoughts on what you think about the company's efforts and how those efforts will make a difference.  Provide thoughtful, substantive comments to at least two of your classmates' postings. 



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