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School of Education DEI Resources Guide

The DEI Committee Members have put together this guide to assist SOE faculty/students as they work to provide a more inclusive classroom with culturally responsive teaching.

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Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) Diversity Standards

1c. Culturally responsive practice, including intersectionality of race, ethnicity, class, gender identity and expression, sexual identity, and the impact of language acquisition and literacy development on learning.

2a. Understand and engage local school and cultural communities, and communicate and foster relationships with families/guardians/caregivers in a variety of communities.

2b. Engage in culturally responsive educational practices with diverse learners and do so in diverse cultural and socioeconomic community contexts.

2c. Create productive learning environments, and use strategies to develop productive learning environments in a variety of school contexts.

2d. Support students’ growth in international and global perspectives.

Campbell University's Mission

Campbell University's Strategic Plan

Diversity in Community at CU



The purpose of the School of Education (SOE) Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Committee is to provide the students/faculty with appropriate resources that will aid in the development of culturally competent professionals who create a welcoming environment, demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of individual and group identities among their colleagues and their students. The committee acknowledges that this work can at times be uncomfortable, and trusts that all members are here to learn, and commit to help one another and our colleagues in that learning process.


The DEI committee will:

1. Plan and implement diversity education activities including but not limited to: common reads, workshops, speakers, and social events coordinated by the committee.

2. Develop and distribute a comprehensive calendar of cultural/diversity activities--if possible bimonthly, including those not planned by the committee (university events).

3. Monitor the progress of the SOE to meet AAQEP Accreditation diversity requirements while supporting the diversity initiatives of Campbell University.


Current Members:

Dr. Terrie Bethea-Hampton

Ms. Lisa Bradham

Dr. Emily Cayton

Dr. Connie Chester

Dr. LaKeshia Darden

Dr. Chris Godwin

Dr. Courtney Mayakis

Ms. Lisa Wood