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MAcc 740 Risk Management Applications: Research Paper

Prepared for Dr. Osborne by Dan Maynard


WK 7 Research Paper is due 

Guidelines for your Research Paper

Message from Dr. Osborne:

First, students should choose a topic about insurance that needs more research. For example,  health insurance is a controversial subject that some believe needs to be socialized whereas others are strongly opposed. It would be good for students to show both sides of the arguments.  And then provide their final thoughts.  However, I prefer that they do not use first person. The paper should be written in APA  and from 8-10 pages in length.  I have attached the syllabus that provides the rubric. A powerpoint also should cover the main objectives.

Students have asked Dr. Johnson to provide additional ideas for research topics. The lectures and the textbook should provide you plenty of other examples.  However, she suggested a few more: flood insurance; business interruption coverage during the covid pandemic (restaurants were without coverage); what happened in the real estate bubble and mortgage insurance during the last financial crisis (perhaps,  give different views of research based on whether this could happen again); Captives insurance and how they may benefit a business owner (see, the office of the Senior Deputy over Captives from the NCDOI.  (MO 20220407)

Recommended Sources

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