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EDUC 620-Survey of Educational Psychology: APA Style

APA Style Guides (7th Edition)

These sites provide a guide to using the APA style

Paper Formatting Tips

MS Word has lots of useful templates to help you format your work, including an APA Style Paper template that follows the 7th edition of the APA Manual.  Click the link below to download an APA 7th edition template.

APA Student Paper Template (.docx)

There are formatting differences between the 6th and 7th APA editions. Look at your syllabus and/or assignment to see which edition of APA your instructor wants you to use. If your instructor wants you to use the 6th edition, simply type "APA 6th edition"  in the search box in MS Word to retrieve a template to assist you with formatting.

Use the appropriate template along with your choice of bibliographic management system.

Citing Cancelled Presentations


Here’s updated info about how to include cancelled conference presentations on your CV in APA format.

Bibliographic Management Software