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COMM 380 Qualitative Research Methods: Analyze a Civil War Newspaper newspaper

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Examine an issue of Fayetteville newspaper from 1864. Compare it to a handwritten newspaper from 1864.

1.  Use class at the Wiggins Library computer lab (3rd floor) to make a photocopy of a front page of the newspaper. Copy as much as you can.

2.   Make sure to include the date, day, year, and page number. Don't forget the page number. Very important.

3.   Read for war news. What else jumps out of you?

4.   Match this newspaper to a date from John McLean Harrington's output.

5.   You will write a summary of the Fayetteville paper, about a page. Be sure to zero in a specifics of the writing, the tone and so on.

6.    You will write a summary of the Harrington paper plus a transcript of the front page and page two. It's tricky but you can do it.

7.    Write a one-page reaction to both of the papers and be sure to include two citations from "A Free Press in Freehand" book. Use citations from chapters 1-3.

8.    We will talk about the due date.


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